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Arnau Bataller’s La Hermandad
3-Apr-2014 - MovieScore Media/ScreamWorks Records has released La Hermandad (The Brotherhood), a moody Spanish thriller. It tells the story of Sara, a successful horror author who survives an accident just outside a secluded Benedictine monastery in northern Italy. Even though she should stay in bed, Sara soon finds intriguing secrets about the monastery. Performed by Barcelona’s Liceu Opera House Symphony and Choir in their first ever film score recording, Arnau Bataller’s music for The Brotherhood (La hermandad) combines dark textures (orchestral effects and electronics) with a more thematic approach characterized by the evocative choral writing inspired by the story’s religious setting.
For more info and ordering, visit MovieScore Media/ScreamWorks Records.
Vincent Courtois' Ernest Et Célestine
14-Mar-2014 - Milan Music has released, from the creators of Triplets of Belleville and The Secrets Of Kells, the score for Ernest Et Célestine, a visually stunning and enormously entertaining new film that captures the kinetic, limitless possibilities of animated storytelling. Ernest & Celestine joyfully leaps across genres and influences to capture the kinetic, limitless possibilities of animated storytelling. Like a gorgeous watercolor painting brought to life, a constantly shifting pastel color palette bursts and drips across the screen, while wonderful storytelling and brilliant comic timing draw up influences as varied as Buster Keaton, Bugs Bunny, and the outlaw romanticism of Bonnie and Clyde. The music is by Vincent Courtois. Ernest & Celestine is a 2014 Oscar nominee for best animated feature, was awarded 2013 Best Animated Feature by LA Film Critics Association, won the Cesar Award in France, and has played Cannes, Sundance, Toronto and other prestigious film festivals.
The score is available from, Amazon UK, Amazon France and Amazon Germany.
Tony Morales/Edward Rogers' The Bag Man
12-Mar-2014 - Lakeshore Records has released The Bag Man digitally and through Amazon-On-Demand. The soundtrack features original music by Tony Morales and Edward Rogers. “David Grovic, the director of the film, wanted a score that would support the mystery and offbeat color of the various characters in the film. We also decided, collectively, to create a sound palette that was out-of-the-box and somewhat akin to the film’s setting which was the swamplands of Louisiana,” said Morales. “We kept the instrumentation pretty bare bones,” Rogers added. “It is mainly acoustic bass, guitars, percussion and some electronics. Joshua Grange played lap steel guitar to create many of the moody atmospheric sounds heard in the score. 
The score is available from
Marcelo Zarvos' Enough Said
11-Mar-2014 - Varèse Sarabande has released Enough Said, staring Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Gandolfini, a sharp, insightful comedy that humorously explores the mess that often comes with getting involved again. The score for the film is Marcelo Zarvos’ second collaboration with Director Nicole Holofcener. According to Zarvos “The score had to navigate a delicate balance of the comedic and dramatic aspects of the film with instrumentation ranging from a small folk ensemble to orchestral. A master of blending comedy and emotion Nicole really wanted the music to feel unified … but not too traditional.  “The score gradually shifts from percussive melodies to a more intimate and lyrical approach,” Zarvos described. This is a limited edition of 1,000 copies.
For more info and ordering, visit Varèse Sarabande.
Jeff Walton's Super Shark
5-Mar-2014 - Every now and then MovieScore Media likes to dig up exciting scores written for cult low budget horror movies. When you read the premise for Super Shark - a giant primordial shark walking on land right into a bikini contest – then you just know that the score for the film has to be something extra. Jeff Walton, a composer who has been around since the mid 90's scoring many genre movies (including Curse of the Puppet Master, The Brotherhood and Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfolds) certainly knows the tricks of the trade and delivers an adrenaline-pumping score which has a lot of fun to offer the listener. Sometimes you don’t have to see the film to appreciate its music. That is certainly the case with Super Shark! For more info and ordering, visit MovieScore Media.
And the Oscar goes to...
2-Mar-2014 - There were no surprises during The 86th Annual Academy Awards. Gravity took home seven awards, but 12 Years A Slave won the top prize of Best Picture. Among the seven awards for Gravity was the award for Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Score written by Steven Price.

The Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Song went to the movie Frozen for the song Let It Go by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez.
See all the winners here.

Vladimir Cosma's La Galette Du Roi/Promis... Juré
28-Feb-2014 - Vladimir Cosma is known primarily as the grand master of comedic film music and it’s in this capacity that Disques Cinémusique presents two original soundtracks which have never before appeared on CD. For Jean-Michel Ribes’ La Galette Du Roi (The King’s Cake), released in 1986, Vladimir Cosma’s large orchestral score is appealing right from the first track. While the compositions remain simple, their melodic line and the quality and variety of their arrangements bear the stamp of an outstanding creator. For 1987 Jacques Monnet‘s Promis… Juré! (Yes, Cross My Heart!), Vladimir Cosma delivered a concise but highly melodic and richly orchestrated score. In addition to a large strings section, he uses uncommon instruments, quite appropriate for the setting: tin whistle, guitar, Jew’s harp, and especially the Northumbrian pipe. In short, this is vintage Cosma.
For more info and ordering, visit Disques Cinémusique.
Serge Franklin's Hold-Up/Dernier Été à Tanger
24-Feb-2014 - Music Box Records presents two scores on one CD by French composer Serge Franklin from his collaborations with Algerian-born director Alexandre Arcady. Hold-Up (1985) is a unique cross between French and American heist films, featuring the great Jean-Paul Belmondo as a clown who breaks into the most secure bank in the city. Dernier Été à Tanger (Last Summer in Tanger, 1987) is a more serious affair, starring Valeria Golino as the beautiful Claudia Marchetti who is seeking vengeance for the death of her father. Music Box Records presents both scores as complete as possible. The Hold-Up CD has the original LP contents and since the original album was fairly representative of the score, there was no need for expansion. Last Summer in Tanger has previously been released on LP, but this new release expands the original album with 9 minutes of additional jazzy music that wasn’t featured on the record.
For more info and ordering, visit Music Box Records
Michael Picton's Flash Gordon
21-Feb-2014 - Persverance Records has released the soundtrack from the Syfy Network series Flash Gordon which aired in 2007-2008. The show was produced by Robert Halmi who is known for his many epic miniseries (Moby Dick, Tin Man, Merlin, Farscape and a multitude of others). The show ran for 22 exciting episodes and featured the music of composer Michael Picton, an award-winning composer who has written music for film, television, theatre and even the circus. The music for Flash Gordon features bold orchestral sounds mixed with a rock vibe and even brooding atmospherics. There are moments that rock the listener where others lure them in with a nice melody. While Flash Gordon only ran for one season, there is a lot of great music for fans and collectors of science fiction scores alike.
For more info and ordering, visit Perseverance Records.
Shirley Walker/John Carpenter's Escape From L.A.
20-Feb-2014 - La-La Land Records and Paramount Pictures have released the remastered and expanded release of Shirley Walker & John Carpenter's score to the 1996 Paramount Pictures futuristic actioner Escape From L.A. When it came time to score his big-budget follow-up to the cult classic Escape From N.Y., director/co-writer John Carpenter collaborated with the ingenious Shirley Walker to create the perfect musical soundscape for the further exploits of Snake Plissken. Building upon Carpenter's iconic synth template, Walker harnesses her trademark orchestral power and the result is a full-charging heroic score that takes Plissken to new action-packed heights. This expanded release boasts a running time of more than 78 minutes and contains cues that were recorded for the film, but never used.
For more info and ordering, visit La-La Land Records.
Patrick Doyle's Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
12-Feb-2014 - Varèse Sarabande has released the original score for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. In this hotly anticipated movie - directed by Academy Award winner Kenneth Branagh — Jack Ryan is a young covert CIA analyst (played by Star Trek’s Chris Pine) who uncovers a Russian plot to crash the U.S. economy with a terrorist attack. Patrick Doyle (Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire) has composed for every film directed by Kenneth Branagh (Dead Again, Henry V, Thor), and here he returns with an intense and action-packed score. The score is available from, Amazon UK, Amazon France and Amazon Germany.

Angelo Badalamenti's Stalingrad
10-Feb-2014 - MovieScore Media/Kronos Records has released the score for Stalingrad. Angelo Badalamenti showcases his classical side with the powerful, exciting and beautiful orchestral score for this Russian war epic, directed by Fedor Bondarchuk and starring Thomas Kretschmann. Reviewers rightfully claim that Stalingrad is among Badalamenti’s finest works, and it’s the second best score of all in 2013 according to Movie Wave. Featuring several strong themes, Badalamenti’s score is a passionate journey through militaristic landscapes, romantic orchestrations and powerful action sequences. The film is the first Russian movie made completely in 3D and is the highest-grossing Russian movie of all time. For more info and ordering, visit MovieScore Media and Kronos Records.
Ennio Morricone's A Time Of Destiny
6-Feb-2014 - Quartet Records, in collaboration with Virgin Records/Universal Music Special Markets, presents the long-awaited remastered reissue of one of Ennio Morricone’s best scores of the eighties, A Time Of Destiny, comparable in many ways to his masterpiece, The Mission. For this operatic story about war, love, revenge and family, Morricone wrote a radiant, passionate score for orchestra and chorus, featuring one of his most unforgettable love themes (“Love and Dreams”). Because the film master tapes could not be located, Quartet offers a remastered reissue (with much improved sound) of the original album program released by Virgin Records in 1989, conceived and produced by Morricone with his usual good taste. Fortunately, every major cue is represented on this CD, and only a small number of short cues and variations have been lost. For more info and ordering, visit Quartet Records.
Angelo Badalamenti's Tough Guys Don't Dance
5-Feb-2014 - Music Box Records presents the remastered and expanded release of renowned composer Angelo Badalamenti's (Blue Velvet, TV series Twin Peaks, The City of Lost Children) original score to the Cannon Films 1987 crime mystery comedy-drama feature film Tough Guys Don't Dance, starring Ryan O'Neal, Isabella Rossellini, Debra Sandlund, Wings Hauser and Lawrence Tierney, and directed by Pulitzer Prize winning-author Norman Mailer, based on his best-selling 1984 novel. Transferred from the original 2" 24-track analog session masters and 1/2" 2-track album mixes stored in mint condition at MGM vaults, this romantic score recorded in Prague is presented in beautiful stereo sound. This present expanded edition features unreleased and unused cues composed by Angelo Badalamenti.
For more info and ordering, visit Music Box Records.
David Arnold/Michael Price's Sherlock - Series 3
3-Feb-2014 - Silva Screen Records has released Sherlock - Series 3, with music from the episodes The Empty Hearse, The Sign Of Three and His Last Vow. Since its UK TV debut in 2010, Sherlock has developed into a worldwide TV phenomenon and has been exported by the BBC to over 200 territories. The soundtracks have received BAFTA and Emmy nominations and have won an RTS Television Award. David Arnold is one of the UK’s leading film composers, penning the scores to a host of blockbuster movies. He also successfully took over scoring James Bond movies on recommendation of John Barry. Michael Price is a multi-talented composer, music editor and arranger whose credits include Band Of Brothers, The Lord Of The Rings and Love Actually.
Available from, Amazon UK, Amazon France and Amazon Germany
Ramin Djawadi's Person Of Interest: Season 2
29-Jan-2014 - From Varèse Sarabande comes the score for Person Of Interest. The Machine delivers another gripping season’s worth of potential criminal targets for the Person Of Interest team. With Finch missing — kidnapped in last season's finale cliffhanger — Reese enlists Detectives Joss Carter and Lionel Fusco to join the search for his friend on the second season premiere. Will Reese and his team find Finch before it's too late? Or will Finch's kidnapper learn of The Machine's location first? Who will be the next person of interest? These and other compelling questions are answered in Season Two of this riveting series. Composer Ramin Djawadi (whose recent films include Iron Man, Pacific Rim and Safe House) returns for the second season of this gritty and compelling crime drama.
The score is available from, Amazon UK, Amazon France and Amazon Germany.
Carlo Rustichelli's I Promessi Sposi
28-Jan-2014 - Kronos Records has released for the first time on CD and in its complete form Carlo Rustichelli's epic dramatic score for the 1964 television mini-series I Promessi Sposi (The Bethroted) based on Alessandro Manzoni's historical novel of the same name. The music was previously only released on a vinyl by CAM the same year the series was aired on television. The first eighteen tracks of the CD contain the program as featured on the original CAM LP. The rest of the CD contains the rest of the cues as heard in the series and all previously unreleased in any format, courtesy of the C.A.M. vaults.
For more info and ordering, visit Kronos Records.
Roque Baños' Oldboy
17-Jan-2014 - Varèse Sarabande has released the score for the US remake of the South Korean movie Oldboy. It's the story of an advertising executive (Josh Brolin), who is kidnapped and held hostage for 20 years in solitary confinement. When he is inexplicably released, he embarks on an obsessive mission to discover who orchestrated his punishment, only to find he is still trapped in a web of conspiracy and torment. Spanish composer Roque Baños provides a riveting and propulsive score capturing an extraordinary symphonic energy.
The score is available from, Amazon UK, Amazon France and Amazon Germany.

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Intrada Special Collection Volume 275
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