Daniele Amfitheatrof
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1939   Fast and Furious  
1940   And One Was Beautifull  
  Keeping Company  
  Man from Dakota, the  
1941   Get-Away, the  
1942   Andy Hardy's Double Life  
  Calling Dr. Gillespy  
  Dr. Gillespy's New Assistant  
  Joe Smith, American  
1943   Aerial Gunner  
  Cry Havoc  
  Dr. Gillespy's Criminal Case  
  Du Barry Was A Lady  
  Rhino Records R2 72721 United States CD
  Rhino Handmade RHM2 7851 United States CD
  Rhino Records R2 75283 United States CD
  Great Movie Themes CD 60010 Great Britain CD
  Titania 509 LP
  Harrigan's Kid  
  High Explosives  
  Lassie Come Home  
  Film Score Monthly FSM Vol. 13, No. 20 United States CD
  Lost Angel  
  Northwest Rangers  
  Stranger in Town, a  
1944   Days of Glory  
  I'll Be Seeing You  
  Lost In A Harem  
  Rhino Records R2 75283 United States CD
1945   Guest Wife  
  Son of Lassie  
  Film Score Monthly FSM Vol. 13, No. 20 United States CD
1946   Miss Susie Slagle's  
  Song Of The South  
  Disney 60816-2 United States CD
  Capitol Records CC-40 United States 78RPM
  Walt Disney Productions DEP-4001A United States 45RPM
  Disneyland Records ST-3907 United States LP
  Disneyland Records WDL-4001 United States LP
  Rhino Records R2 72420/A 26741 United States CD
  Disneyland Records DBR-66 United States 45RPM
  Columbia CCF-3008 United States 45RPM
  Disneyland Records DQ 1205 United States LP
  Pioneer/Walt Disney Records PR-CD1 United States CD
  Disneyland Records 606 United States 45RPM
  Virginian, the  
1947   Another Part in the Forest  
  Beginning Or The End, The  
  Label X LXCD 8 Australia CD
  Lost Moment, the  
  Senator Was Indiscreet, the  
  Smash-Up, The Story Of A Woman  
  Legends 1000/3 United States LP
1948   Act of Murder, an  
  Letter From An Unknown Woman  
  Rogue's Regiment  
  You Gotta Stay Happy  
1949   House of Strangers  
1950   Backfire  
  Brigham Young University BYU-FMA/MS-123 United States CD
  Capture, the  
  Copper Canyon  
  Damned Don't Cry, the  
  Devil's Doorway  
  Film Score Monthly FSMCD Vol. 11 Nr. 7 United States CD
  I Killed Geronimo  
  Storm Warning  
  Under My Skin  
1951   Bird Of Paradise  
  Varese Sarabande CD Club VCL-1209-1103 United States CD
  Desert Fox, the  
  Painted Hills, The  
  Film Score Monthly FSM Vol. 13, No. 20 United States CD
  Place In The Sun, A  
  Legacy/Columbia CK 66691 United States CD
  Columbia CL 2113 United States LP
  Fonit Cetra LPX 154 Italy LP
  Columbia CS 8913 United States LP
  Decca DL 5413 United States LP
  RCA Victor GD 80708 United States CD
  RCA Victor Red Seal 09026 62657 2 European Union CD
  MGM Records E3480 United States LP
  RCA Records ARL 1 0708 Great Britain LP
  RCA Gold Seal AGL1-3783 United States LP
  CBS Records BPG 62246 Great Britain LP
  Dot Records DLP 25097 United States LP
  MCA Records MVCM 28011 Japan CD
  BMG Classics/RCA Victor GD 80708 Germany CD
  Kritzerland KR 20026-1 United States CD
  RCA Records RD87017 Germany CD
  RCA Gold Seal AGK1-3783 United States Cassette
  RCA Victor 0708-2-RG United States CD
  Soundtrack Library CD 013 United States CD
  Dot Records DLP 3097 United States LP
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