Piero Umiliani
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
0   Kitsch 3 - Your Passport To Amalfi Days and Vegas Nights  
  BMG - Atmosphere ATMOS-CDKITSCH3 Italy CD
  Two Pictures Years 1965-1968  
  Liuto Records LRS 0063/2 Italy CD
1958   Soliti Ignoti, I  
  RCA Records EPA 30-284 Italy EP
  Moochin About moochin03 Great Britain CD
  Right Tempo/Easy Tempo ET 936 CD Italy CD
  Milan 399 552-2 France CD
1959   Audace Colpo Dei Soliti Ignoti  
  CAM 493209-2 Italy CD
  Moochin About moochin03 Great Britain CD
  CAM CVS 018 Italy CD
1960   Labbra Rosse  
  RCA Records EPA 30-381 Italy EP
  Vigile, Il  
  RCA Italiana EPA 30-382 Italy EP
  CAM 493209-2 Italy CD
  Digitmovies DGST010 Italy CD
  CAM CVS 018 Italy CD
1961   A Porte Chiuse  
  RCA Italiana EPA 30-397 Italy 45RPM
  Ambiziose, Le  
  RCA Italiana 45N 1133 Italy 45RPM
  Urlatori Alla Sbarra  
  Jolly J 20080x45 Italy 45RPM
  Moochin About moochin03 Great Britain CD
  Jolly J 20079x45 Italy 45RPM
  Venere Creola  
  RCA Records PME 30.476 Serie Europa Italy EP
1962   Boccaccio '70  
  General Music 803 030 France LP
  Él/Cherry Red Records ACMEMD284CD Great Britain CD
  Silva America SSD 1024 United States CD
  RCA Victor 430.389 S France LP
  Soundtrack Listeners Communications SLCS-7050/51 Japan CD
  CAM 493061-2 Italy CD
  RCA Victor 75 709 S France 45RPM
  GDM/Legend GDM 4201 Italy CD
  RCA Records OST 116 Italy CD
  RCA Victor FSO 5 LP
  Silva Screen FILMXCD369 Great Britain CD
  Polydor 2393 084 France LP
  RCA Victor PM45 3074 Italy 45RPM
  Soundtrack Listeners Communications SLCS-5017 Japan CD
  RCA Cinematre NL 33204 Italy LP
  Seven Seas/King Records 292E 2019 Japan CD
  CAM 493092 Italy CD
  CAM CSE001 Italy CD
  Kind of Blue 10049 Italy CD
  Silva Screen FILMCD 129 Great Britain CD
  RCA Victor PML 10308 LP
  RCA International FOC 5 United States LP
  Butterfly Music BMCDS 101 Italy CD
  Disques CinéMusique no label number Canada Other
  RCA BVCP 1040 Japan CD
  Vivi Musica VCDS 7008 Italy CD
  CAM 515348-2 Italy CD
  RCA Records RD60706-2RC United States CD
  CAM SAG 9053 Italy LP
  RCA Victor PM45 3073 Italy 45RPM
  Colpo Gobbo All'italiana  
  RCA Victor PM45-3131 Italy 45RPM
  RCA Records PME 30-488 Italy EP
  GDM CD Club 7095 Italy CD
  I Nuovi Angeli  
  RCA Victor PM45-3075 Italy 45RPM
  Paradiso Dell'Uomo, Il  
  RCA Records PML 10342 Italy LP
  Piero Umiliani - Ode To Duke Ellington  
  Right Tempo/Easy Tempo ET 935 CD Italy CD
  RCA Records PML 10320 Italy LP
  Moochin About moochin03 Great Britain CD
  Studio Uno STN 1008 Italy LP
1963   Amore Difficile, L'  
  Sprint Sp. A. 5507 Spain 45RPM
  Mondo Matto Al Neon  
  CAM Cms. 30-105 Italy LP
  Piaceri Proibiti, I  
  King Records/Think! Cinema THLP-091 Japan LP
  Wave WWCP 7212 Japan CD
  Right Tempo/Easy Tempo ET 912 CD Italy CD
  Music on Vinyl MOVLP1007 Netherlands LP
  CAM Cms 30.066 Italy LP
  King Records KICP-3208 Japan CD
  CAM CA. 2511 Italy 45RPM
  Tutto Il Bello Dell'Uomo  
  Sprint Sp. A 5520 Italy 45RPM
1964   Bianco, Rosso, Giallo, Rosa  
  CAM Cms. 30-126 Italy LP
  Dono Del Nilo, Il  
  Spettro SP07 Italy LP
  CAM Cms 30.113 Italy LP
  CAM CA. 2586 Italy 45RPM
  Intrigo A Los Angeles  
  CAM Cms. 30-104 Italy LP
  Beat Records BCM9514 Italy CD
  Moochin About moochin03 Great Britain CD
  Los Dinamiteros  
  CAM CEP 45 95 Italy EP
  Plus Belles Escroqueries du Monde, Les  
  Universal France 983 957-9 France CD
  Universal 984 896 2 France CD
  CAM CEP. 45-96 Italy 45RPM
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