Alessandro Alessandroni
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
0   Kitsch  
  BMG - Atmosphere ATMOS-CDKITSCH1 Italy CD
1966   Arizona Colt  
  Victor SS-1738 Japan 45RPM
  Victor SCP-1337 Japan EP
  CAM CVS 900-020 Italy CD
  RCA Records SS-2329 Japan 45RPM
  RCA Records OST 124 Italy CD
  Beat Records CDCR96 Italy CD
  RCA/Intermezzo SP 8060 Italy LP
  RCA Records SS-2599 Japan 45RPM
  CAM Original Soundtracks 515471-2 Italy CD
  CAM 493214 Italy CD
  United Artists UAS 6710 United States LP
  RCA Cinematre NL 33228 Italy LP
  Victor SCP-1317 Japan EP
  RCA Records PM45 3368 Italy 45RPM
1967   Vado... L'Ammazzo E Torno  
  Beat Records CR 5 Italy LP
  King/Universal AFK/0 55003 Italy 45RPM
  Beat Records CDCR 22 Italy CD
  King Records KICP 434 Japan CD
  Beat Records CDCR91 Italy CD
1969   Lesbo  
  Beat Records CDCR 99 Italy CD
  CAM SAG 9014 Italy LP
  Puro Se Sienta, Espera Y Dispara, El  
  Hexacord HCD 9302 Italy CD
1971   Figlia Di Frankenstein, La  
  Beat Records CDCR 52 Italy CD
  Plus Longue Nuit Du Diable, La  
  Cinedelic Records CNCD 2001 Italy CD
  Cinedelic Records CNST708 Italy LP
  Disques CinéMusique DCM 101 Canada CD
  Lucertola Media LMCD-013 Germany CD
  Strangolatore Di Vienna, Lo  
  Beat Records CDCR 52 Italy CD
  Su Le Mani, Cadavere! Sei In Arresto  
  GDM Music 4114 Italy CD
1973   Simbad E Il Califfo Di Bagdad  
  Nazionalmusic NEP 115 Italy EP
1974   Di Tresette Ce N'è Uno, Tutti Gli Altri Son Nessuno  
  Hexacord HCD-09 Italy CD
  GDM CD Club 7093 Italy CD
  Giro Del Mondo Degli Innamorati Di Peynet, Il  
  Volcano CPC8-1091/2 Japan CD
  GDM Music GDM 0194392ERE Italy CD
  BMG DRF-10201-10206 Japan CD
  Philips SFL-1852 Japan 45RPM
  reMUSICA KICP 848 Japan CD
  Seven Seas FM-1066 Japan 45RPM
  Rambling Records RBCS-2806 Japan CD
  Volcano Records CPJ8-1036 Japan LP
  Soundtrack Listeners Communications SLCS 7306 Japan CD
  GDM/Edel Italy 0160592 Italy CD
  Rambling Records RBCP-2841 Japan CD
  Volcano CPC8-1149 Japan CD
  GDM Music 2087 Italy CD
  Volcano CPC8-1099 Japan CD
  Rambling Records RBCS-2287 Japan CD
  Seven Seas FML 25 Japan LP
  GDM Music GDM 2055 Italy CD
  Signora Gioca Bene A Scopa?, La  
  Digitmovies CDDM178 Italy CD
1976   Industrial  
  Dead Cert. Records VCR-007 Great Britain LP
  Sangue Di Sbirro  
  Escalation/Cinedelic ESC-CD001 Italy CD
  Cinedelic/Mediane AMK 5010 Italy Other
1977   Inchiesta  
  Cometa CMT10025 Italy CD
  Cometa CMT 6 Italy LP
1978   Afro Discoteca  
  Four Flies Records FLIES DJ-01 Italy EP
  Suor Omicidi  
  Death Waltz Recording Company DW037 Great Britain LP
  Beat Records CDCR 52 Italy CD
1981   Guerra Sul Fronte Est, La  
  Beat LP 031 Italy LP
1996   Trip Through The Music, A  
  Avanz Records SP/CR 32003 Japan CD
1998   Trinity Goes East  
  Hexacord HCD 03 Italy CD
1999   Horror Films Collection, The Volume 2  
  DRG Records 32931 United States CD
2000   Curb Your Enthusiasm  
  Mellowdrama Records MEL110 Great Britain CD
2001   Beat, The Shake And The Lounge 2, The  
  GDM Music 2032 Italy CD
2002   A Tutto Beat  
  Cinedelic Records CNCD 2002 Italy CD
  Cinecitta' Jazz In The Movies  
  iTunes No Number United States Other
  CAM CAMJ 7751-2 Italy CD
  Di Tresette Ce N'E' Uno Tutti Gli Altri Son Nessuno & Other Western Themes  
  Hexacord HCD-09 Italy CD
  Music For Strange Situations  
  Hexacord HCD-11 Italy CD
  Women In Lounge  
  Cinedelic Records CNCD 2001 Italy CD
2003   Wizard Of Sound  
  Hexacord HCD-20 Italy CD
2004   Cinecocktail  
  Beat Records CDX1001 Italy CD
2005   CineJazz  
  GDM Music GDM 2055 Italy CD
2006   Franco De Gemini - The Man With The Harmonica  
  All Score Media ASM 023 Germany CD
2007   Attori A Mano Armata  
  Cinedelic/Mediane AMK 5010 Italy Other
2010   Beatitudini  
  Paoline/CEM PCD 271 Italy CD
2014   Alessandro Alessandroni  
  Cometa SR-ST 132 Italy CD
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