Harry Gregson-Williams
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1993   White Angel  
1996   Rock, The  
  Hollywood Records/EMI 0946 357995 2 1 European Union CD
  Hollywood Records HR-62062-2 United States CD
  Hollywood Records/Edel 0927-45477-2 Germany CD
  Hollywood Records 162 062-2 European Union CD
  Hollywood Records CTCW-53004 Japan CD
  Hollywood Records/Edel 0120622HWR Germany CD
  Silva Screen SILCD1238 Great Britain CD
  Hollywood Records HR-62079-2 United States CD
  Polydor POCP-7172 Japan CD
  Silva Screen ACCCD 1002 Great Britain CD
  Whole Wide World, The  
  Mojo Trax UD-53032 United States CD
1997   Borrowers, The  
  Mojo Records UND 53125 European Union CD
  Mojo Records UD-53125 United States CD
  Universal 53125 United States CD
  Coeur Records CR-0012 Japan CD
  Smilla's Sense of Snow  
  Teldec 0630-17995-2 Germany CD
  Teldec Records 0630-17872-2 Germany CD
  Teldec Records 17872 United States CD
1998   Antz  
  Composer promo United States CD
  Angel CDQ 7243 5 56782 2 5 United States CD
  Angel 7243 5 56792 2 2 Netherlands CD
  Sony 492606.2 Hong Kong CD
  Columbia/Sony Music CK 69689 United States CD
  Columbia/Sony Music Soundtrax CDTP 096655 United States CD
  Columbia 492606 2 Austria CD
  Columbia/Sony Music Soundtrax CSK 41309 United States CD-SINGLE
  Milan Records 198 503-2 France CD
  Columbia 4926026 United States CD
  Sony Music Japan International SRCS-8845 Japan CD
  Columbia/Sony Music Soundtrax CK 69440 United States CD
  Columbia/Sony Music Soundtrax COL 666443 2 Austria CD-SINGLE
  Columbia 491384-2 United States CD
  Columbia COL 6660321 Austria CD-SINGLE
  Sony Music COL 666032 2 European Union CD-SINGLE
  Columbia/Sony Music Soundtrax CSK 41582 United States CD
  Earl Watt  
  Enemy Of The State  
  Hollywood Records 0102002 United States CD
  Hollywood Records/Edel 0102002HWR Germany CD
  Hollywood Records 62160 United States CD
  Prince Of Egypt, The  
  DreamWorks DRD 50041 United States CD
  DreamWorks PRO-CD-5129A United States CD
  DreamWorks DRMDM-58011 United States CD
  Silva Screen Records SILED1362 Great Britain Other
  DreamWorks DRD 50064 Spain CD
  DreamWorks DRMD-50045 United States CD
  Universal Victor Japan MVCA-24018 Japan CD
  DreamWorks DRD 50063 France CD
  DreamWorks DRMD-A-50041 United States CD
  DreamWorks DRMD 50050 United States CD
  Silva Screen Records SILCD1362 Great Britain CD
  DreamWorks DRD 50041 United States CD
  Replacement Killers, The  
  Colosseum VSD (CVS) 5915 Germany CD
  Volcano CPC8-1027 Japan CD
  Varese Sarabande VSD 5915 United States CD
1999   King of the Jungle  
  Light It Up  
  Elektra/Warner Bros. 62410-2 United States CD
  Virtual Sexuality  
2000   Chicken Run  
  RCA Records BVCF-31077 Japan CD
  RCA Victor 09026 63702 2 United States CD
  Composer promo United States CD
  BMG Classics/RCA Victor 09026 63702 2 European Union CD
  RCA Victor CJC-63762-2 United States CD
  Magic Of Marciano, The  
  Media Ventures promo United States CD
  Tigger Movie, The  
  Walt Disney Records WDR 03MS36800 United States CD-SINGLE
  Walt Disney Records 60442-2 United States CD
  Walt Disney/Edel 0108742DNY Germany CD
  Walt Disney Records/Festival D15100 Australia CD
2001   Powder Keg  
  Varese Sarabande 302 066 460 2 United States CD
  DreamWorks 0044-50305-2 United States CD
  Volcano Records CPC8-1198 Japan CD
  DreamWorks ME0006 United States CD-SINGLE
  DreamWorks 688 313 9 Great Britain CD
  Varese Sarabande 302 066 308 2 United States CD
  Composer promo United States CD
  DreamWorks/PDI 11111010377 United States CD
  Colosseum VSD (CVS) 6308 Germany CD
  Spy Game  
  Decca 016190-2 DH Germany CD
  Decca UCCL-1032 Japan CD
  Decca 440 016 190-2 United States CD
  Decca UCCL-9021 Japan CD
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