Malcolm Arnold
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1947   Avalanche Patrol  
  Seven Raf Flashes  
1948   Badger's Green  
  Charting the Seas  
  Cotton - Lancashire's Time for Adventure  
  Gates of Power  
  Hawick, Queen of the Border  
  Metropolitan Water Board  
  Mining Review  
  Report on Steel  
  Two Raf Flashes  
  Woman in Our Time  
1949   Antony and Cleopatra  
  Mercury Records MG 20887 United States LP
  Beautiful County of Ayr, the  
  Britannia Mews  
  Dollars and Sense  
  Drums for a Holiday  
  E V W ' s  
  Fight for a Fuller Life  
  Four Witness  
  Frazers of Cabot Gove, the  
  Science of the Orchestra  
  Terra Incognito  
  This Framing Business  
  Trieste: Problem City  
  When You Went Away  
  Your Witness  
1950   Airways  
  Eca Productivity Team  
  Fifty Acres  
  Let's Go for 'ard  
  Oil Review  
  This is Britain  
  Up for the TCup  
  Where Britain Stands  
1951   Alien Orders  
  Home at Seven  
  Home to Danger  
  Local Newspapers  
  Men and Machines  
  No Highway  
  Power for All  
  Wings of Danger  
1952   Channel Islands  
  Curtain Up  
  Four-Sided Triangle  
  Holly And The Ivy, The  
  Chandos CHAN 9851 Great Britain CD
  Island, the  
  It Started in Paradise  
  Ringer, the  
  Sound Barrier, The  
  Chandos 9100 CD Great Britain CD
  Silva America SSD 1094 United States CD
  Cloud Nine Records CNS 5446 Great Britain CD
  ASV Digital CD WHL 2058 Great Britain CD
  Silva Screen FILMXCD 309 Great Britain CD
  Ariel CBF 13 Canada LP
  Chandos CHAN 9100 Great Britain CD
  EMI 72438288442-2 Great Britain CD
  Stolen Face, A  
  Chandos CHAN 9851 Great Britain CD
1953   Albert RN  
  Captain's Paradise, The  
  MGM Records SE 4271 LP
  Chandos CHAN 9851 Great Britain CD
  Copenhagen, City of Towers  
  Devil on Horseback  
  Invitation to a Dance  
  Man of Africa  
  Powered Flight - Story of the Century  
1954   Beautiful Stranger  
  Belles Of St. Trinian's, The  
  Chandos CHAN 9851 Great Britain CD
  Chandos CHAN 241/12 Great Britain CD
  Constant Husband, the  
  Hobson's Choice  
  Chandos CHAN 9100 Great Britain CD
  Chandos 9100 CD Great Britain CD
  Prize of Gold, a  
  Royal Tour, the -New Zealand  
  Sea Shall Not Have Them, the  
  Sleeping Tiger, tthe  
  War in the Air  
  Welcome the Queen  
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