Stanley Black
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
0   Grandpa  
  CBS CD HB 1 Great Britain CD
1936   Rhythm Racketeers  
1947   Mrs. Fitzherbert  
1948   Fatal Night, the  
  It Always Rains on Sunday  
  Chandos CHAN 9774 Great Britain CD
1950   Laughter in Paradise  
  Shadow of the Night  
1951   Lili Marlene  
1953   Happy Ever After  
1954   Mr. Potts goes to Moscow  
  Orders Are Orders  
  Three Steps To The Gallows  
  Chandos CHAN 10306 Great Britain CD
  Tonight's the Night  
  White Fire  
1955   As Long as They're Happy  
1956   Behind the Head Lines  
  High Terrace  
  My Teenage Daughter  
  Naked Truth, the  
1957   Alligator Named Daisy, an  
  Flying Scot, the  
  Stormy Crossing  
  Chandos CHAN 10306 Great Britain CD
  That Woman Opposite  
  Trollenberg Terror, the  
  Vicious Circle, the  
1958   Blood Of The Vampire  
  Chandos CHAN 10306 Great Britain CD
  Crawling Eye, the  
  Dangerous Years, the  
  Further Up The Creek  
  GDI Records GDICD004 Great Britain CD
  Make Mine a Million  
  Man Who Wouldn't Talk, the  
  Professor Tim  
  Tiger by the Tail  
1959   Battle Of The Sexes, The  
  Chandos CHAN 10306 Great Britain CD
  Broth of a Boy  
  Jack The Ripper  
  RCA Victor LPM-2199 United States LP
  RCA Camden CAL 590 United States LP
  Chandos CHAN 10306 Great Britain CD
  RCA Victor LSP 2199 CD
  Tsunami TSU 0116 Germany CD
  Blue Moon BMCD 3510 Spain CD
  RCA Victor LSP-2199 United States LP
  Tommy The Toreador  
  Decca Records DFEM 6607 New Zealand EP
  Decca Records DFE 6607 Great Britain EP
  Too Many Crooks  
1960   Bottoms Up  
  Double Bunk  
  Flesh and the Fiends, the  
  Hand in Hand  
  Hell is a City  
  Long the Short and the Tall, the  
  Mania: the the Fiendish Ghouls  
  Queen and Smith, the  
  Sands Of The Desert  
  Chandos CHAN 10306 Great Britain CD
  Siege Of Sidney Street, The  
1961   Five Golden Hours  
  Full Treatment, the  
  House of Mystery  
  Man in the Back Seat, the  
  Young Ones, The  
  Belter 23 Spain LP
  Dot Records DLP 25474 United States LP
  Chandos CHAN 10306 Great Britain CD
  EMI Columbia DB 4726 Denmark 45RPM
  Mfp EMI CD-MFP 6020 Great Britain CD
  EMI MFP 5823 Great Britain LP
1962   Day the Earth Caught Fire, the  
  Pot Carriers, the  
1963   Eighty-Thousand Suspects  
  What A Crazy World  
  Castle Music/Cinephile CMRCD 396 Great Britain CD
1964   Rattle of a Simple Man  
  Sparrows Can's Sing  
  System, the  
  West 11  
  Wonderful Life  
  Epic Records BN 26145 LP
  EMI Columbia DB 7305 Sweden 45RPM
1965   Ballad In Blue  
  Atlantic Records SJET-310 Japan EP
  Vega/ABC Paramount ABC 100.000 Standard France LP
  City Under The Sea  
  Quartet Records SCE055 Spain CD
1969   Crossplot  
  Quartet Records SCE055 Spain CD
1977   Valentino  
  United Artists Records GX 01-1005 Mexico LP
  United Artists UASF 30120 France LP
  United Artists 30 120 OT Germany LP
  United Artists UA-LA810-H United States LP
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