Maurice Jarre
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1962   Lawrence Of Arabia  
  Colpix/Pye International NPL 28023 Great Britain LP
  Colpix CXC 603 United States Other
  Bell Records BELL-88042 Japan 45RPM
  Colpix/Discophon 27.177 Spain EP
  Varese Sarabande VSD-5263 United States CD
  Milan Records 35629-2 United States CD
  Cinephile CMACD 585 United States CD
  Colgems COSO 5004 United States LP
  Colpix CP 04032 Italy 45RPM
  Colpix LE 1000 United States LP
  Colpix SJET-7239 Japan LP
  Colosseum VSD2-5319 Germany CD
  PYE (Ariola Vertrieb) 200 286-320 Germany LP
  Silva America SILCD 1388 United States CD
  Sony Music 40696 United States CD
  Pro Arte CDS 577 United States CD
  Silva Screen FILMCD 158 Great Britain CD
  Colpix Records MCX S-3304 Netherlands LP
  Colpix SLE 1000 United States LP
  Vogue/PRT Records 500846 - SLDPY 846 France LP
  Milan 301 631-2 France DVD
  Silva Screen SILCD1170 Great Britain CD
  Milan Records M2-36317 United States DVD
  Paradox/Silva Screen 4007010-1 Brazil CD
  Sony Masterworks/Turner Classic Movies 303475-2 United States CD
  Silva America SSD 1010 United States CD
  Castle Music Limited CIN CD 0013 Great Britain CD
  Colpix Records 8001 France 45RPM
  Colpix CP-514 United States LP
  Victor Company of Japan SJET-7239 Japan LP
  Milan 5050466 2988 2 9 France CD
  Varese Sarabande VSC-5263 United States Cassette
  United Artists UAL 3303 United States LP
  Milan Music 399 440-2 France CD
  Denon COCO 6104 Japan CD
  Silva Screen FILMCD 136 Great Britain CD
  Silva Screen FILMCD 719 Great Britain CD
  Ricordi ORL 8241 Italy LP
  Milan Records 198572-2 European Union CD
  Colpix PXE 300 Great Britain EP
  Colosseum VSD (CVS) 5263 Germany CD
  Pye Golden Guinea Mono GGL 0389 Great Britain LP
  Tadlow Music TADLOW012 Great Britain CD
  Colpix CX 42.888 Netherlands 45RPM
  Milan 399 586-2 European Union LP
  Varese Sarabande VSD 5319 United States CD
  EMI PRDFCD 1 Great Britain CD
  Colpix MGCX 9425 Great Britain LP
  CBS Records FM 42307 Netherlands LP
  Silva America SSD 1108 United States CD
  United Artists UAS 6303 United States LP
  Colpix/Discos Tizoc TM-TS-3004 Mexico LP
  Castle Music CMRCD 1393 Great Britain CD
  Astor Records CP 514 Australia LP
  Decca 454 097 S France EP
  EMI Records 30CP 435 Japan CD
  Milan Records 7432110131-2 France CD
  Silva Screen FILMCD 1108 Great Britain CD
  Bell 1205 United States LP
  CBS Records MK 42307 Great Britain CD
  SION 18210 Germany CD
  Silva Screen FILM 036 Great Britain LP
  Colpix/Pye International NSPL 93001 Great Britain LP
  Colpix CP-464 United States LP
  United Artists GU 191-112 Mexico LP
  Disconforme Cristal - Soundtrack Factory 606344 Andorra CD
  Longest Day, The  
  Silva Treasury SILVAD 3502 Great Britain CD
  Silva Screen FILMXCD 333 Great Britain CD
  Silva America SSD 1036 United States CD
  Diplomat Records D2284 United States LP
  20th FOX GXH 6041 Japan LP
  Philips 435.266 BE France EP
  Stateside SSL 10045 Great Britain LP
  Milan 399 485-2 France CD
  Silva America SIL 1037-2 United States CD
  Telarc CD-80175 United States CD
  Silva Treasury STD 5008 United States CD
  CBS Records LL-1006-C Japan 45RPM
  Silva America SSD1113 United States CD
  Funckler Records CBS 42720 Netherlands 45RPM
  20th Century Fox TL-31,121 Australia LP
  CBS/Sony 06SP 62 Japan 45RPM
  20th FOX SXG 5007 United States LP
  Sony Music/Columbia COL 480672 2 France CD
  Philips 322 868 BF Germany 45RPM
  Panorama MH 110 France 45RPM
  Silva Screen FILMCD 153 Great Britain CD
  Silva Classics SILKD 6025 Great Britain CD
  CBS Records 80539 Netherlands LP
  Springboard SPB-4088 United States LP
  20th FOX RPL 6007 LP
  Barclay 70474 France EP
  CBS/Sony SONE-70004 Japan EP
  Durium DE. 2453 Italy 45RPM
  20th FOX 25SA 260 LP
  20th Century Fox FXG 5007 United States LP
  Globe JET-1176 Japan 45RPM
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