Kenneth V. Jones
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1951   Distant Trumpet, the  
1954   Siege of Pinchgut, the  
1956   Suez Crisis  
1957   Across the Bridge  
  Fire Down Below  
  Brunswick LAT 8194 United States LP
  Mercury Records EP.60089 Sweden EP
  Decca MVCM 22068 Japan CD
  Decca DL 8597 United States LP
  Festival FX-5064 Australia EP
  How to Murder a Rich Uncle  
  Sea Wife  
  Odeon 45-O 29143 Germany 45RPM
1958   High Flight  
  Horse's Mouth, The  
  His Master's Voice 7ER 5145 Great Britain EP
  Intent to Kill  
  No Time to Die  
  Passport To Shame  
  Warner Bros. 5078 United States 45RPM
  Tank Force  
1959   Bandit Of Zhobe, The  
  Ferry To Hong Kong  
  Arteco/Top Rank RES 145 France EP
  Ten Seconds to Hell  
1960   Foxhole in Cairo  
  Jazz Boat  
  Story of David, the  
  Surprise Package  
  Tarzan the Magnificent  
  There Goes a Crooked Man  
1961   Green Helmet, the  
  Nearly a Nasty Accident  
  Two Way Stretch  
1962   Cairo  
  Girl on the Boat, the  
  Operation Snatch  
  Tarzan Goes to India  
1963   Horror Hotel  
1964   Dr. Crippen  
  Psyche '59  
  Colpix CP-464 United States LP
  Colpix SCP-464 United States LP
  Tomb of Ligeia, the  
1967   Maroc 7  
  EMI Columbia DB 8170 Sweden 45RPM
  Projected Man, the  
1968   Battle Beneath the Earth  
1971   Tower of Evil  
1972   Horror on Snape Island  
  Whoever Slew Auntie Roo?  
  AIP 7124 United States 45RPM
1973   Paganini Strikes Again  
1974   Professor Poppers Problem  
  What Changed Chraley Farthing?  
1977   Leopard in the Snow  
1979   Brute, the  
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