Arthur Lange
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1932   Ghost Valley  
  Golden West, The  
1933   Smoke Lightning  
1934   Servantes' Entrance  
  Stand Up and Cheer  
1935   Farmer Takes a Wife  
  In Old Kentucky  
  Little Colonel, the  
  One More Spring  
  Thanks A Million  
  Sandy Hook S.H.2083 United States LP
1936   Banjo on My Knees  
  Girl's Dormitory  
  Great Ziegfeld, The  
  Rhino Records R2 75614 United States CD
  Soundtrack Factory/Disconforme SFCD33534 Andorra CD
  Classic International Film 3005 United States LP
  History/Trumpets of Jericho Ltd. 20.3118-HI Israel CD
  It Had to Happen  
  Under Your Spell  
1937   Lancer Spy  
  Love Under Fire  
  This is My Affair  
  White Hunter  
  Wife, Doctor and Nurse, the  
1938   Happy Landing  
  Hold That Co-Ed  
  Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm  
  Sally, Irene and Mary  
  Submarine Patrol  
  Three Blind Mice  
1939   Great Victor Herbert, the  
  Let Freedom Ring  
1942   Quiet Please, Murder  
1943   Coney Island  
  Caliban 6001 United States LP
  Dancing Masters, the  
  Gang's All Here, The  
  Twilight Time no label number United States DVD
  Classic International Film 3003 United States LP
  Kritzerland KR20031-2 United States CD
  Sandy Hook SH 2009 United States LP
  Lady of Burlesque  
1944   Belle of the Yukon  
  Bermuda Mystery, the  
  Buffalo Bill  
  Casanova Brown  
  Woman in the Window, the  
1945   Along Came Jones  
  It's a Pleasure  
1946   Fabulous Suzanne, the  
1948   Jungle Patrol  
1950   Vicous Years, the  
  Woman on the Run  
1951   Groom Wore Spurs, the  
1952   Pride of St. Louis, the  
1953   Island In The Sky  
  Decca DL 7029 United States LP
  MCA Records VIM 7213 Japan LP
  Varese Sarabande STV 81116 United States LP
  Disques CinéMusique DCM 140 Canada CD
  MCA Records VIM 7244 Japan LP
1954   Beachhead  
  Mad Magician, the  
  Ring Of Fear  
  V-Note VL 5301 United States LP
  Southwest Passage  
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