Sylvester Levay
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1984   Airwolf  
  Bluefire Music Enterprises no label number United States Other
  Carrere CA 171 France 45RPM
  Blue Turtle 50-3529 Germany Other
  Eivissa Music ZYX 20.095 Germany LP
  Edelton EDL 2581-2 Germany CD
  Clockwork Records/MCA Music 01-5667 Germany 45RPM
  Carrere CA 618 France 45RPM
  GER Soundtracks GERCD3 Great Britain CD
  GER Soundtracks GERCD3-B Great Britain Other
  BSX Records no label number United States Other
  GER Soundtracks UK GERCD7 Great Britain CD
  Star Child K20G / 7361 Japan LP
  Clockwork Records/MCA Music 50-5666 Germany 78RPM
  CBS SFC 171137 France 45RPM
  Galaxis/ZYX Music CD 9035 Germany CD
  GER Soundtracks GERCD4 Great Britain Other
  BSX Records no label number United States Other
  Rainbow Communications BOW 551 United States Cassette
  Rainbow Communications BOW 552 United States Cassette
  Star Child/King Records K30X 7096 Japan CD
  Body Rock  
  EMI America SO-17140 United States LP
  EMI America 1A064-240239 United States LP
  EMI America 2003727 France 45RPM
  EMI America EYS 81691 United States LP
  Invitation to Hell  
  Touch of Scandal, a  
  Wet Gold  
  Where The Boys Are '84  
  RCA Records PB 13804 Great Britain 45RPM
  RCA Records ABK1-5039 Canada Cassette
1985   Creator  
  Look, the  
  Sins of the Father  
  Touch and Go  
1986   Alfred Hitchcock Presents  
  MCA Records WMC 5 201 Japan CD
  Warner Bros. Records United States CD
  MCA Records MCAD 10065 United States CD
  Annihilator, the  
  Choke Canyon  
  Scotti Bros/Volcano 61422-32048-2 United States CD
  Scotti Bros. 846.630 Germany CD
  Scotti Bros. 70297/CB311 Netherlands LP
  Scotti Bros. 72392-75239-2 United States CD
  Pony Canyon Japan PCCY-00324 Japan CD
  Virgin Music 008347 France 45RPM
  Silva Screen FILMCD 139 Great Britain CD
  Scotti Bros. 7Y0110 Japan 45RPM
  Scotti Bros. Z40325 United States LP
  Scotti Bros. CDSCT 70297 Netherlands CD
  Scotti Bros. INT 146.630 Germany LP
  Silva America SILCD 1032 United States CD
  Scotti Bros. INT 112.310 Germany 45RPM
  Howard The Duck  
  MCA Records P-13383 Japan LP
  MCA Records MCAD 6173 CD
  MCA Records MCF 3342 Great Britain LP
  MCA Records MCA-6173 United States LP
  MCA Records 254 260-1 Spain LP
  Mask MK 703 Germany CD
  MCA Records 254 260-1 MCA-6173 Germany LP
  Intimate Encounters  
  Invaders From Mars  
  Enigma Records 4XJ-73226 United States Cassette
  Bay Cities BCD3014 United States CD
  Enigma Records SJ-73226 United States LP
  Intrada Signature Editions ISE1024 United States CD
  Intrada VJF 5001D United States CD
  Enigma 3226-1 Netherlands LP
  Edel-Cinerama Records 0022032CIN Germany CD
  My Man Adam  
  Where Are the Children?  
1987   Abduction of Kari Swenson, the  
  MCA Records MCAC-6201 United States Cassette
  MCA Records MCAD 6201 United States CD
  MCA Records P-2824 Japan 45RPM
  MCA Records P-2224 Japan 45RPM
  MCA Records 254 706-1 Germany LP
  MCA Records MCAC 6201 Australia Cassette
  MCA Records MCA-6201 United States LP
  Grunt Records FT49758 Germany 45RPM
  Grunt Records FB49757 France 45RPM
  Grunt Records 5109-7-G United States 45RPM
  RCA Records TEC.175 Mexico LP
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