Jaime Mendoza-Nava
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1955   Gunsmoke  
  Film Music Society FMS001 United States CD
  Cerberus CST-0207 United States LP
  Roulette R 25073 United States LP
  Bear Family Records BCD 16328 AR Germany CD
  Pickwick JS-6130 United States LP
1964   Handle With Care  
  Preview LP-1001 United States LP
1965   Orgy Of The Dead  
  Strangelove STRANGE 0001-2 United States CD
1968   Fever Heat  
  High, Wild and Free  
  Talisman, the  
1969   Witchmaker, the  
1970   Brotherhood of Satan, the  
  Hard Road, the  
  Savage Wild, The  
  American International Records ST-A-1032 United States LP
  Savage Wind, the  
1971   Female Bunch, The  
  Dalia Records 1001 United States 45RPM
1972   Legend of Boggy Creek, the  
  Norseman, the  
1974   Bootleggers  
  Psycho from Texas  
  Tears of Happiness  
1977   Boys in Company C, the  
  Evictors, the  
  Town That Dreaded Sundown, the  
1983   Mausoleum  
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