Nicholas Pike
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
0   Can't Read, Can't Write  
  Loving John  
  Open Window  
  Our Daily Bread  
1986   Alfred Hitchcock Presents  
  Warner Bros. Records United States CD
  MCA Records MCAD 10065 United States CD
  MCA Records WMC 5 201 Japan CD
  episode: 'happy birthday'  
  Graveyard Shift  
  Hard Copy  
1988   Critters 2: The Main Course  
  Intrada MAF 7045D United States CD
  Voss Records DI-72919 United States LP
  Mission Manila  
1989   C.H.U.D. II: Bud The Chud  
  Cry for Help, a: the Tracey Thurman Story  
  Nightmare on Elmstreet, a: the Series  
  Tales From The Crypt  
  Big Screen Records 924462-2 United States CD
  Big Screen Records/Giant Records 74321 15095 2 Germany CD
  MCA Records MCAD 10065 United States CD
  Mondo MOND-016 United States 45RPM
  ST 002 United States CD
  Mondo MOND-016 United States 45RPM
  MCA Records WMC 5 201 Japan CD
  Big Screen Records 74321 15095 2 United States CD
  Mondo MOND-016 United States 45RPM
  Tales from the Crypt: Till Death Do Us Part  
  Tales from the Crypt: Undertaking Palor  
1990   Gideon Oliver  
  I'm Dangerous Tonight  
  Max Monroe: Loose Cannon  
1991   Eerie: Indiana  
  Haunted Lives ... True Ghost Stories  
1992   Perfect Family  
  Secret Passion of Robert Clayton, the  
  Milan Records 35616-2 United States CD
  Milan Records 10132-2 France CD
  Victor VICP 8081 Japan CD
1994   Attack of the 60 Foot Woman  
  Blank Check  
1995   Captain Ron  
  Promo-CD (No Number) United States CD
  Child is Missing, a  
  Fast Company  
  In the Shadow of Evil  
  Sadness of Sex, the  
1996   Weird Tales  
1997   Shining  
  NPRM 217 CD
  Star Kid  
  Sonic Images SID-8800 United States CD
  Warrior on Waverly Street, the  
1998   Delivered  
1999   Halloween Celebration  
  Milan Records 74321 69866-2 France CD
  Virtual Obsession  
2000   Return to Me  
  RCA Victor 63680-2 United States CD
2002   FearDotCom  
  Varese Sarabande VSD 6388 United States CD
  Colosseum VSD (CVS) 6388 Germany CD
  Rambling Records/Pioneer PICE-3009 Japan CD
2003   I Inside, The  
  Love Object  
  NICPIK Records 49409-2 United States CD
2005   Checking Out  
  Masters Of Horror  
  Downtown DWT-70011 United States CD
  Simonetti Music CD DGP 001 Italy CD
  Immortal Records 60011-2 United States CD
  Composer release No number United States CD
2008   Parasomnia  
  BSX Records BSXCD 8886 United States CD
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