J.A.C. Redford
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1975   Starsky And Hutch  
  Rhino R2 75866 United States CD
  Private Stock Records/EMI EMR-20517 Japan 45RPM
  Marifon 296 140-315 Germany LP
  Saban Records 2097 138 France 45RPM
  Ode Records EPC 5589 Netherlands 45RPM
1977   James at 15  
1978   Stingray  
1979   Knots Landing  
  BBC Records RESL 87 Netherlands 45RPM
  BBC Records INT 113.007 Germany 45RPM
1981   Brett Maverick  
1982   Fame  
  BMG/RCA ND90427 Germany CD
  RCA Victor PL 14259/0-7863-54259-1 Sweden LP
  RCA Records PL 14259 France LP
  Long Summer of George Adams, the  
  St. Elsewhere  
  GRP Records A-1006 United States LP
  GRP Records GRP D 9504 United States CD
  Tucker's Witch  
1983   Happy Endings  
  Whiz Kids  
1984   Helen Keller: The Miracle Continues  
  Murder, She Wrote  
  Chandos Movies CHAN10418 Great Britain CD
1985   Going for the Gold: Bill Johnson Story  
  Key To Rebecca, The  
  Prometheus PCD 123 Belgium CD
  Trip To Bountiful, The  
  Plusmusic United States CD
  Plough Down Sillion PDS 101 United States CD
  Twilight Zone  
  Silva America SIL 3011 United States CD
  Intrada Volume ISC 348 United States CD
  DMC CD-12 United States CD
1986   Alex: the Life of a Child  
  City, the  
  Cry from the Mountain  
  Easy Prey  
  Warner Brothers WB-25486 United States CD
1987   Independence  
  Prometheus PCD 139 Belgium CD
  Long Journey Home, the  
1988   Annie McGuire  
  Coming of Age  
  Dangerous Affection  
  Oliver & Company  
  Disneyland PCCD 00006 Japan CD
  CBS Records 51.251 Brazil 45RPM
  Walt Disney Records 60890-7 United States CD
  Pickwick Music PWKD 450 Great Britain CD
  Disney 60722 United States CD
  Polydor 537 389-2 Germany CD
  Disney CD 012 United States CD
  Walt Disney Records 64101 United States LP
  Walt Disney 60890-2 United States CD
  Walt Disney Records WDR 36023-2 France CD
  Save the Dog  
1989   Breaking Point  
  Camp California  
  MCA Records 11604-2 United States CD
  MCA Records MCAD-11046 United States CD
  Diaries of Adam & Eve, the  
1990   Astronomers, The  
  Intrada MAF 7018D United States CD
  Capitol News  
  Dad's a Dog  
  Son's Promise, a  
  Web of Deceit  
1991   Coconut Downs  
  Family Ties  
  Locked Up: a Mother's Rage  
  Stop at Nothing  
1992   Capitol Critters  
  Home Fires  
  Walt Disney Records 60832-2 United States CD
  Walt Disney Records 60707-7 United States CD
1993   For Their Own Good  
  Kiss of a Killer  
1994   And Then There Was One  
  Bye Bye Love  
  Giant Records 74321 26980 2 European Union CD
  D2: Mighty Ducks, The  
  Hollywood Records HR-61603-2 United States CD
  Is There Life Out There?  
  One More Mountain  
1995   Heavy Weights  
  Promo CD
  Kid In King Arthur's Court, A  
  Walt Disney Records 60885-7 United States CD
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