J. Peter Robinson
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1982   Deadly Encounter  
1986   Kate's Secret  
  Wraith, The  
  Canyon records/Scotti Bros. D32Y0093 Japan CD
  Scotti Bros. SZ 40429 United States LP
  Scotti Bros. INT 847 312 Germany CD
1987   Bates Motel  
  Believers, The  
  Twilight Time TWILIGHT112-BR United States DVD
  Varese Sarabande STV 81328 United States LP
  Perseverance Records PRD 031 United States CD
  Gate, The  
  J. Edgar Hoover  
  Rags & Riches  
1988   Cocktail  
  Elektra 9 60806-1 United States LP
  Elektra 969 385-7 France 45RPM
  Elektra 25P2-2301 Japan CD
  Elektra/Warner Bros. 60806-2 United States CD
  Elektra 60806-4 United States Cassette
  WEA Records 960 806-2 Germany CD
  Elektra C100454 United States Cassette
  Desert Rats  
  Kiss, the  
  Return Of The Living Dead Part II  
  Island Records CIDST 17 Great Britain CD
  Polystar/Island (Japan) P33D-20048 Japan CD
  Island Records ISTA 17 Japan CD
  Island Records 790854-1 United States LP
  Wonder Years, The  
  Laserlight 12 315 United States CD
  Atlantic Records 82032-2 United States CD
  Laserlight 12 313 United States CD
  Laserlight 15 936 United States CD
  Laserlight 12 311 United States CD
  Laserlight 12 314 United States CD
  Laserlight 12 312 United States CD
1989   Blind Fury  
  Gifted One, the  
  Tales From The Crypt  
  Big Screen Records/Giant Records 74321 15095 2 Germany CD
  MCA Records MCAD 10065 United States CD
  Mondo MOND-016 United States 45RPM
  ST 002 United States CD
  Mondo MOND-016 United States 45RPM
  MCA Records WMC 5 201 Japan CD
  Big Screen Records 74321 15095 2 United States CD
  Mondo MOND-016 United States 45RPM
  Big Screen Records 924462-2 United States CD
  Wizard, The  
1990   Cadillac Man  
1991   Deadly Intentions....Again  
  Hell Hath No Fury  
1992   Are You Lonesome Tonight?  
  Encino Man  
  Hollywood Records HR-61330-2 United States CD
  Hollywood Records HWDCD26 Great Britain CD
  Hollywood Records PCCY 362 Japan CD
  Favored Nations FN2220-2 United States CD
  Nightmare Cafe  
  Varese Sarabande VSD-5363 United States CD
  President's Child, the  
  Wayne's World  
  Reprise Records C163557 United States Cassette
  Warner Music Japan WPCP-4779 Japan CD
  Epic Records 658092 9 CD-SINGLE
  Warner Bros/Reprise 9 5485-2 United States CD
  Reprise Records R1-549512 United States LP
  Reprise Records 26805-2 United States CD
1994   Highlander III: The Sorcerer  
  Edelton EDL 2889 United States CD
  Edel 0028892EDL Germany CD
  New Nightmare  
  Milan Records 74321 62260-2 European Union CD
  Milan Records 35690-2 United States CD
  Milan Records 74321 23515-2 France CD
  Night My Parents Ran Away, the  
1995   Highlander: The Original Scores  
  Edel 0028892EDL Germany CD
  WGA WMC 5-260 (Pop) Japan CD
  Hong Faan Kui  
  Warner Bros/Reprise 2-17706 United States CD-SINGLE
  Milan Records 73138-35790-2 United States CD
  Runaway Car  
  Vampire in Brooklyn  
1996   Buried Secrets  
  Generation X  
  Ging Chaat Goo Si 4: Ji Gaan Daan Yam Mo  
  Milan Records 73138-35790-2 United States CD
  Milan Records 74321-47734-2 France CD
1997   For Hope  
  Wes Craven's Don't Look Down  
  Yatgo Ho Yan  
  Rock Records RRDD-039 (ROD-5142) Hong Kong CD
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