Walter Scharf
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1930   Doughboys  
1937   You Can't Have Everything  
  Titania 508 United States LP
1939   Return Of The Cisco Kid  
1941   Funny Side of Life  
  Las Vegas Nights  
  Rhino 8122782852 Germany CD
  Hollywood Soundstage 4006 United States CD
  Hollywood Soundstage 5011 United States LP
  Mercy Island  
1943   Chatterbox  
  Hands Across the Border  
  Hitparade of 1943  
  Nobody's Darling  
  Secret of the Underground, the  
  Sleepy Lagoon  
  Someone to Remember(Republic)  
  Thumbs Up  
1944   Casanova in Burluesque  
  Cowboy and the Senorita, the  
  Fighting Seabees, the  
  Lady and the Monster, the  
  Lake Placid Serenade  
  Storm Over Lissabon  
1945   Cheaters, the  
  Earl Carrol's Vanities  
1946   I've Always Loved You  
1948   Are You With It ?  
  Countess of Monte Cristo, the  
  Mexican Hayride  
  Saxon Charm, the  
1949   Abandoned  
  City Across the River  
  Red Canyon  
  Take One False Step  
1950   Curtain Call at Cactus Creek  
  South Sea Sinner  
  Spy Hunt  
1951   Two Tickets To Broadway  
  RCA Victor EPA-430 United States EP
  RCA Victor LPM 39 United States LP
1954   Living It Up  
  Capitol Records EAP 1-533 United States EP
  Three Ring Circus  
1955   Artists and Models  
  Capitol Records EAP 1-702 United States EP
  Proper/Retro 40-52 European Union CD
  You're Never Too Young  
1956   Birds and the Bees, the  
  Court Jester, The  
  Brunswick OE9218 Great Britain EP
  Decca DL 8212 United States LP
  Brunswick OE9219 Great Britain EP
  Varese Sarabande VSD-5498 United States CD
  Decca ED-776 United States 45RPM
  Hollywood or Bust  
  Three for Jamie Dawn  
  Three Violent People  
  Time Table  
1957   Joker Is Wild, The  
  Rhino 8122782852 Germany CD
  Caliban 6024 United States LP
  Loving You  
  RCA Victor LSP 1515e United States LP
  RCA Records NL 81518 LP
  RCA Records 82876-66060-2 United States CD
  RCA Records RC 24001 LP
  RCA Records 07863 67452 2 Great Britain CD
  RCA Records ND 81515 Germany CD
  RCA Victor LSP 1515e LP
  RCA Records PL 42358 LP
  RCA Victor LPM1515 United States LP
  RCA Records 130 251 LP
  Sony Music Entertainment RCA 88843016642-01 to RCA 88843016642-20 European Union CD
  RCA Victor AFL 1-1515e LP
  RCA Records 67453-2 United States CD
  RCA International INTS 5109 LP
  RCA Victor 47-7000 Canada 45RPM
  Sad Jack, the  
1958   Geisha Boy, The  
  Kritzerland KR 20023-4 United States CD
  Jubilee SDJLP-1096 United States LP
  Jubilee JLP 1096 United States LP
  King Creole  
  RCA Victor LMP 1884 LP
  Sony Music Entertainment RCA 88843016642-01 to RCA 88843016642-20 European Union CD
  RCA Records ND 83733 Germany CD
  RCA Victor Gold Standard Series EPA-5122 United States EP
  RCA International NL 83733 Spain LP
  RCA Victor LSP 1884e LP
  RCA Records 75.474 France EP
  RCA Victor LSP 1884e United States LP
  RCA Records 33022 Spain EP
  RCA Victor AFL 1-1884E LP
  RCA Records 3733-2-R United States CD
  RCA Records SF8231 Great Britain LP
  RCA Victor LSP 1884e LP
  RCA Records 75.475 France EP
  RCA Records BM 720 United States CD
  RCA Records 67454-2 United States CD
  RCA Victor AYL 1-3733E LP
  RCA Victor 461 028 France LP
  RCA International INTS 5103 LP
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