Simon Walker
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1979   Stumbling Block, the  
  Things We Want to Keep, the  
1980   At My Age Who Cares  
  Drawing the Ling  
  Second Change, a  
1981   Dilettante, the  
  Dunlop: Keeping Pace with Change  
  Mystery at Castle House  
  Run Rebecca Run  
  Straight Lines, Pegs and Satellites  
1982   For The Term Of His Natural Life  
  OneMone Records 1M1CD 1001 Australia CD
  It is of Eden I am Dreaming  
  Wild's Domain  
1983   Change in Tuvalu  
  Road Safety Commercials  
  Wild Duck, The  
  Southern Cross SCCD 1019 Australia CD
1984   Pickwick Papers, the  
  Rafferty's Rules  
  Test Of Love, A  
  1M1 Records CD1026 Australia CD
  Velveteen Rabbit, The  
1985   Chocolate Fever  
  Pig Plantagenet, the  
1986   Discovering Paul  
  Odyssey, the  
1987   Last Warhorse, the  
  Monster's Ring, the  
  Roquefort Gang, the  
1989   GP  
  Silver City Records SIL96-001 Australia CD
  Festival Records D29215 Australia CD
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