Edward Ward
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1929   Paris  
  Show of Shows  
1930   Bride of the Regiment  
  Song of the Flame  
  Wedding Rings  
1932   Hypnotized  
1933   Man From Monterey, The  
1934   Cheating Cheaters  
  Embarrassing Moments  
  Gift of Gab  
  Girl O'My Dreams  
  I Like It That Way  
  Romance in the Rain  
1935   Age of Indiscretion  
  Bishop Misbehaves, the  
  Frisco Sal  
  Here Comes the Band  
  Kind Lady  
  Mystery of Edwin Drood, the  
  No More Ladies  
  Public Hero No.1  
  Times Square Lady  
1936   After the Thin Man  
  Exclusive Story  
  Longest Night, the,  
  Moonlight Murder  
  Riff Raff  
  San Francisco  
  Delos International FACET 8101 United States CD
  Rhino Records R2 72907 United States CD
  Rhino Movie Music 74497 United States CD
  Delos DEL/F 25421 United States LP
  Sinner Take All  
  Small Town Girl  
  Sworn Enemy  
  Wife vs Secretary  
  Women Are Trouble  
1937   Bad Guy  
  Double Wedding  
  Firefly, The  
  RCA Victor LM 121 United States EP
  RCA Victor WDM 1467 United States 45RPM
  Good Earth, The  
  Rhino R2 75701 United States CD
  Good Old Soak, the  
  Last Gangster, the  
  Live, Love and Learn  
  Mama Steps Out  
  Man of the People  
  Rhino Records R2 72826 United States CD
  Jasmine JASCD 143 Czech Republic CD
  ASV CD AJA 5124 Great Britain CD
  Navy Blue and Gold  
  Night Must Fall  
  Singing Outlaw  
  Women Men Marry, the  
1938   Boys Town  
  Crowd Roars, the  
  Flash Gordon's Trip To Mars  
  Pelican 2006 United States LP
  Hold That Kiss  
  Last Stand, The  
  Lord Jeff  
  Love is a Headache  
  Meet the Mayor  
  Paradise for Three  
  Shopworn Angel, the  
  Toy Wife, the  
  Vacation from Love  
  Yank at Oxford, a  
1939   6000 Enemies  
  Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever  
  Another Thin Man  
  Bad Little Angel  
  Dancing Co-Ed  
  Rhino Records R2 72721 United States CD
  It's a Wonderful World  
  Nick Carter, Master Detective  
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