Patrick Williams
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1968   How Sweet It Is!  
  RCA Victor LSP-4037 United States LP
  RCA Victor LPM-4037 United States LP
  Name Of The Game, The  
  MCA Records D-1023 Japan 45RPM
1969   Don't Drink the Water  
  Nice Girl Like Me, A  
  Liberty/United Artists Records 56132 United States 45RPM
1970   Headmaster  
  Incident in San Francisco  
  Lock, Stock and Barrell  
  Macho Callahan  
1971   Columbo  
  Tam YT-1078 Japan 45RPM
  Mercury Records SRM-1-1089 United States LP
  Failing of Raymond, the  
  San Francisco International Airport  
  Travis Logan D.A.  
  Viva Knievel  
1972   Bob Newhart Show, the  
  Dan August  
  Incident on a Dark Street  
  Short Walk to Daylight, a  
  Streets Of San Francisco, The  
  RCA Records 74321664972 Spain CD
  Marifon 296 140-315 Germany LP
  Mercury Records SRM-1-1089 United States LP
  Rhino R2 75866 United States CD
  Silva America SSD 1085 United States CD
  Silva Screen FILMXCD 192 Great Britain CD
  RCA Records APL1-1896 United States LP
  RCA Records RS 1086 (APL1-1896) Great Britain LP
  Terror in the Sky  
1973   Hex  
  Magician, the  
  Mrs. Sundance  
1974   Friends & Lovers: the Paul Sand Show  
  Harrad Summer, The  
  Capitol Records ST 11338 United States LP
  I Wonder Who's Killing Her Now ?  
  Murder or Mercy ?  
1975   Crossfire  
  Stowaway to the Moon  
1976   Good Heavens  
  Most Wanted  
  Epic/Legacy 5127982 Great Britain CD
  Boutique 00440 0692072 Germany CD
  CTI Records CTI 7-5003 United States LP
  Seniors, the  
  Tony Randall Show, the  
  TV's Greatest Detective Themes  
  Mercury Records SRM-1-1089 United States LP
1977   Andros Targets, The  
  Burt D'Angelo Superstar  
  Gulliver's Travels  
  Soundwings SW 2101 United States LP
  Soundwings SW 2101 CD United States CD
  Last Resort, the  
  Lou Grant  
  PCM Records PAA-1001 United States LP
  Man with the Power, the  
  Stonestreet: Who Killed the Centerfold Model?  
1978   Bambino  
  Casey's Shadow  
  Columbia PS 35344 United States LP
  Columbia KST 35344 United States Cassette
  Cheap Detective, The  
  Vocalion CDSML 8468 Great Britain CD
  RCA Records AQLI-3052 United States LP
  One And Only, The  
  ABC Records 22047 Italy 45RPM
  ABC Records AA 1059 United States LP
  Theme Scene, The  
  Vocalion CDSML 8468 Great Britain CD
  RCA Records AQLI-3052 United States LP
1979   Breaking Away  
  Twilight Time TWILIGHT130-BR United States DVD
  Kritzerland KR 20029-4 United States CD
  Butch And Sundance: The Early Days  
  Columbia LK-113 Japan 45RPM
  Columbia SX 7012 Japan LP
  Kritzerland KR 20024-6 United States CD
  Kritzerland KR 20015-2 United States CD
  United Artists United States LP
  Hot Stuff  
  Man Called Sloane, a  
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