Stanley Wilson
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1949   Alias the Champ  
  Bandit King of Texas  
  Daughter of the Jungle  
  Death Valley Gunfighter  
  Duke of Chicago  
  Flame of Youth  
  Flaming Fury  
  Frontier Investigator  
  Law of the Golden West  
  Navajo Trail Raiders  
  Outcasts of the Trail  
  Post Office Investigator  
  Prince of the Plains  
  Ranger of Cherokee Strip  
  Rose of the Yukon  
  San Antone Ambush  
  Sheriff of Witcita  
  South of Rio  
  Streets of San Francisco  
  Wyoming Bandit, the  
1950   Arizona Cowboy, the  
  Belle of Old Mexico  
  Blonde Bandit, the  
  Buckaroo Sheriff of Texas  
  Code of the Silver Sage  
  Covered Wagon Raid  
  Destination Big House  
  Federal Agent at Large  
  Frisco Tornado  
  Gunman of Abilene  
  Harbor of Missing Men  
  Lonely Hearts Bandit  
  Missourians, the  
  Old Frontier, the  
  Pioneer Marshall  
  Prisoners in Petticoats  
  Redwood Forest Trail  
  Rustlers on Horseback  
  Showdown, The  
  Trial without Jury  
  Twilight in the Sierras  
  Under Mexicali Skies  
  Vanishing Westerner, the  
  Vigilante Hideout  
1951   Adventures Of Kit Carson, The  
  Barclay 70 052 France EP
  Barclay 70 055 France EP
  Barclay 70 053 France EP
  Barclay 70 051 France EP
  Barclay 70 054 France EP
  Arizona Manhunt  
  Cuban Fireball  
  Dakota Kid, the  
  Desert of Lost Men  
  Fort Dodge Stampede  
  Havana Rose  
  Insurance Investigator  
  Million Dollar Pursuit  
  Missing Women  
  Night Riders of Montana  
  Pals of the Golden West  
  Pride of Maryland  
  Rodeo King and the Senorita  
  Rough Riders of Durango  
  Secrets of Monte Carlo  
  Silver City Bonanza  
  Street Bandits  
  Thunder in God's Country  
  Utah Wagon Train  
  Wells Fargo Gunmaster  
  RCA Victor WBY-79 United States 45RPM
1952   Black Hills Ambush  
  Border Saddlemates  
  Captive of Billy the Kid  
  Desperadoes Outpost  
  Fabulous Senorita, the  
  Gobs and Gals  
  Leadville Gunslinger  
  Old Oklahoma Plains  
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