John Kander
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1970   Something for Everyone  
1972   Cabaret  
  MCA Records AB 752 LP
  MCA Records 37125 (ABCD-752-B) United States LP
  Probe/Toshiba Onko IPP-80570 Japan LP
  MCA Records WMC 5 40 Japan CD
  MCA Records VIM 7246 LP
  MCA Records MCAC-37125 United States Cassette
  A&M Records OH-56 Japan EP
  ABC Records MP 9039 Portugal LP
  MCA Records 205 715 France LP
  Probe/EMI Italiana 3C 062 - 93370 Italy LP
  MCA Records 201309 LP
  ABC Records ABCD 752 United States LP
  Pathé Marconi/Probe 2 C 006-93928 France 45RPM
  MCA Records 250428-2 YG Germany CD
  MCA Records MCLD 19088 Great Britain CD
  Probe/Pathé Marconi 2C064-93370 France LP
  CBS Records CBS 1402 Spain 45RPM
  ABC Records DS 752 LP
  Hip-O Records HIPD-40027 United States CD
  Probe IPR-10128 Japan 45RPM
  Probe 5C062-93370 Netherlands LP
  MCA Records MCA-37125 United States LP
  MCA Records LAE-246 Mexico LP
  MCA Records MVCM 157 Japan CD
  ABC Records 89 623 XOT Germany LP
  MCA Records DMCL 1664 Great Britain CD
1975   Funny Lady  
  Arista Records ARTY 101 LP
  Arista BVCM 31005 (07822-19006-2) Japan CD
  Arista Records AL 9004 United States LP
  Arista Records 1ES 80811 LP
  Arista 08722-19006-2 United States CD
  Arista Records 5C062.96394 Germany LP
  Arista ARCD 9006 United States CD
  Bay Cities BCD 3006 United States CD
  Arista BLPO-10-AR Japan LP
  Lucky Lady  
  Arista Records 66-97469 LP
  Arista/EMI 5C062-97469 Netherlands LP
  Arista Records AL 4069 United States LP
  Arista Records 3C06497469 Italy 45RPM
1977   New York, New York  
  United Artists 224065 LP
  EMI Manhattan CDP 7 46090 2 United States CD
  United Artists Records 2C 170-99290/1 France LP
  United Artists LA750-L2 United States LP
  EMI Manhattan CDP 7 46090 2 Italy CD
  Philips 411 037-2 United States CD
  Philips 6514 328 Netherlands LP
  United Artists UAXW 1014 France 45RPM
  United Artists 5C 154.99290/1 Netherlands LP
  Philips 411037-2 Germany CD
  Seven Seas FMW 35-36 LP
  Liberty LKBL-750 United States LP
  United Artists K28P-199 LP
  United Artists UAMG 113 United States LP
  United Artists FMS-36 Japan 45RPM
  United Artists UAD 60143/44 Ireland LP
  United Artists 30 112 XDT Germany LP
  Liberty Records 14C 162-99290 Greece LP
  Pickwick SPC-3582 Canada LP
  Themes From  
  Pickwick SPC-3582 Canada LP
1979   Kramer vs. Kramer  
  Columbia M 35873 United States LP
  CBS/Sony 06SC 2 Japan 45RPM
  CBS Records 73945 Netherlands LP
  CBS Records MK 35873 United States CD
  CBS/Sony 25AC978 Japan LP
1982   Still of the Night  
1983   Blue Skies Again  
1984   Places In The Heart  
  Twilight Time United States DVD
  Varese Sarabande STV 81229 United States LP
  Milan A 269 France LP
1985   Early Frost, an  
1989   I Want to Go Home  
1991   Billy Bathgate  
  Milan Records 7313835611-2 United States CD
  Milan Records 262 495 France CD
  Victor VICP 8070 Japan CD
1994   Breathing Lessons  
2002   Chicago  
  Sony Music/Epic Soundtrax SAMPCS 12701 United States CD-SINGLE
  Epic/Sony Music Soundtrax EK 89059 United States CD
  Epic/Sony Music Soundtrax ESK 56379 United States CD-SINGLE
  Epic/Sony Music Soundtrax EK 87018 United States CD
  Epic/Sony Music Soundtrax 510532 2 Austria CD
  Epic/Sony Music Soundtrax 5105323000 Australia CD
  Epic/Sony Music Soundtrax 5105322 Great Britain CD
  Epic/Sony Music Soundtrax ES 87018 United States CD
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