Francis Lai
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
0   Francis Lai Max 20  
  United Artists MAX-3 Japan LP
1965   Maison De Toutou, La  
  Disc AZ EP 1294 France EP
  Disc AZ EP 1082 France 45RPM
  Disc AZ AZ 6954 Canada LP
  Disc AZ TCR-1070 Canada LP
1966   Homme Et Une Femme, Un  
  TMS/Sion 18601 France CD
  United Artists GXH 6005 United States LP
  RCA Records RS 1058 Great Britain LP
  Soundtrack Listeners Communications SLCS-5030 Japan CD
  Heben Music 8345122072 France CD
  London Phase 4 SP 44112 Great Britain LP
  King Records/United Artists SR 419 Japan LP
  Sony Music 950052 France CD
  Belter 35 Spain LP
  Rhino Records R2 72240 United States CD
  United Artists HU 061-44 Spain LP
  Music For Pleasure/EMI 4 M 046-96352 Netherlands LP
  United Artists LL-2083-UA Japan 45RPM
  United Artists FM-1016 Japan 45RPM
  United Artists Records GU 19148A Mexico LP
  Milan 25122-2 France CD
  United Artists ORL 8154 LP
  United Artists S 21019 United States LP
  Universal 153 418-2 European Union CD
  United Artists ULP 1155 Great Britain LP
  Philips FILM-1008 Japan 45RPM
  Pronit N 0515 Poland EP
  United Artists SR 330 Japan LP
  Hallmark 305562 Germany CD
  United Artists SULP 1155 Great Britain LP
  Editions 23 001 France CD
  Score SCO 8901 France LP
  Playtime 1009199 France CD
  RCA Records PL 70052 Germany LP
  United Artists UEP 6000 Great Britain EP
  Jimco JICM 89286 Japan CD
  Disc AZ LPS 7 France LP
  Warner Bros WEA 56 556 A France LP
  Warner Music 5050467-3717-2-9 Germany CD
  Milan SLP 129 France LP
  Saravah SH 40022 France 45RPM
  United Artists HU 067-137 Spain EP
  Gamma GU 191-114 Mexico LP
  DRG Records 12612 United States CD
  Sunset SLS 50409 United States LP
  Flavour TFCK-87575 Japan CD
  Silva Screen SILCD1207 Great Britain CD
  Silva Screen Records SILCD1338 Great Britain CD
  London Phase 4 SP 44225 Great Britain LP
  United Artists YS-730-UA Japan LP
  Lucky Planets LKP 747 Italy CD
  Disc AZ 101292 France CD
  United Artists UAS 5147 United States LP
  United Artists / EMI Records UAB.10466 Australia LP
  Disc AZ EP 1035 France EP
  Music For Pleasure/EMI SPR 90042 Great Britain LP
  United Artists 3.220 Argentina 45RPM
  United Artists HIT-1545 Japan 45RPM
  Philips 373 931 BF Austria 45RPM
  Soundtrack Listeners Communications SLCS-5040 Japan CD
  United Artists UAS 5184 United States LP
  Telefunken SLE 14 576-P Germany LP
  Universal Music France 153 418-2 France CD
  OmegaToki OMCX-1122 Japan CD
  Kritzerland KR 20021-5 United States CD
  Musicor Records MS 3133 United States LP
  United Artists UA 67519 Denmark 45RPM
  Soleil Des Voyous, Le  
  Barclay HIT 1463 Japan 45RPM
  Universal France 038 436-2 France CD
  Barclay PS-27 Japan EP
  Barclay BLY 71 172 Germany EP
  Editions 23 001 France CD
  Universal UCCM-4096 Japan CD
  Barclay HIT 1463 Japan 45RPM
  Barclay 71172 France EP
1967   Bobo, The  
  Editions 23 001 France CD
  Warner Bros. W1711 United States LP
  Warner Bros. WS 1711 United States LP
  Quartet Records QR329 Spain CD
  Foreign Film Festival  
  London Phase 4 SP 44112 Great Britain LP
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