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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
0   Blanche Neige Et Les 7 Nains  
  Dominion CD 1615 Switzerland CD
  Nuit D'Amour, Une  
  Dominion CD 1615 Switzerland CD
  Parade D'Amour  
  Dominion CD 1615 Switzerland CD
1930   Ronde Des Heures, La  
  Dominion CD 1614 Switzerland CD
1934   Sidonie Panache  
  Dominion CD 1615 Switzerland CD
  That Goes Double  
  Golden Legends 2000/1 United States LP
1936   Every Sunday  
  Saar SRL CD 60026 European Union CD
  Rhino Records R2 72543 United States CD
  Loups Entre Eux, Les  
  Dominion CD 1615 Switzerland CD
1937   Étrange Monsieur Victor, L'  
  Marthe Richard  
1938   Maison Du Maltais, La  
1939   Rappel Immédiat  
1940   Veuve Joyeuse, La  
  Dominion CD 1615 Switzerland CD
1948   Musical Merry-Go-Round  
  Rhino Records R2 72721 United States CD
1952   More Winnie-the-Pooh  
  Pathways of Sound POS 1034 United States LP
  Disneyland KLP 313 Germany EP
1960   Essential Oils Of The Mediterranean  
  Fritzsche Brothers Production CO 1213 United States LP
  New World Of Stainless Steel, The  
  Chicago's Wilding Studios No label number United States LP
1965   The Hill  
1969   Archie And His New Friends  
  Fuel 2000/Varèse Sarabande 302 061 120 2 United States CD
1970   Romper Room  
  Drive Entertainment PUR1228 United States CD
1971   Hot Parts  
  Kama Sutra KSBS 2054 United States LP
  Mouse Factory, The  
  Disneyland Records DQ-1342 United States LP
1972   Avoir 20 Ans Dans Les Aurès  
  AZ SG 375 France 45RPM
1976   Reifezeit  
  Plane G 88142 Germany LP
1983   Lode Runner  
  GMO/Alfa Records 28XA-199 Japan CD
  Moon Patrol  
  GMO/Alfa Records 28XA-199 Japan CD
1985   Lode Runner - Majin No Fukkatsu  
  GMO/Alfa Records 28XA-199 Japan CD
  Lode Runner - The Bungeling Strikes Back  
  GMO/Alfa Records 28XA-199 Japan CD
1986   Lode Runner - Teikoku Karano Dasshutsu  
  GMO/Alfa Records 28XA-199 Japan CD
1987   Kid Niki: Radical Ninja  
  GMO/Alfa Records 28XA-199 Japan CD
1990   Best Intentions: Education and Kiling of Edmund Perry  
  Thunder Boat Row  
1993   Black Death  
  Raging Earth (music: ?)  
1994   Camp Nowhere  
  Dead Funny (music: Sheila Silver)  
  Maharaja's Daughter (music: R. Serio)  
  New Eden (music: Blake Leyh)  
  Treacherous Beauties (music: Judith Collero)  
  Vision of Terror (music: ?)  
1995   Closer and Closer  
  Criminal Hearts  
  Double Dragon  
  Pony Canyon/Scitron PCCB-00175 Japan CD
  Miss Sarajevo  
  Island Records PRCD-7131-2 United States CD-SINGLE
  Island CID 8043 Netherlands CD
  Murder on the Iditarod Trail (music:S.Kendall/A.Rodgers  
1996   Blue's Clues  
  Sony BMG/Nick Records 82876 84427 2 United States CD
  Golden Will: Silken Laumann Story (music: Glenn Morley)  
  On Seventh Avenue (music: Donald Markowitz)  
  One That Got Away, The  
  San Seung Hoi Taan  
  BMG Hong Kong 74321 403272 Hong Kong CD
  Sudden Terror: Hi-jacking of Bus 317 (m:brian Adler)  
  Thrill (music: ?)  
1997   Archimedean Dynasty  
  Bluebyte no label number European Union CD
  Elmore Leonard's Gold Coast 9Music: Peter Harris)  
  Joe Torre: Curverballs Along the Way (m: John Welsman)  
  Killing Mr. Griffin (music:??)  
  Lost Daughter, the (music: Philippe Leduc)  
  Soul In The Hole  
  RCA Records 7863 67531 2 United States CD
  Truth or Consequences, n.m. (music: Jude Cole)  
1998   Age Of Empires: The Rise Of Rome  
  Microsoft No label number United States CD
  Force Majeure (music: Source)  
  Inspectors, the (music: Terry Frewer)  
  Land of the Free (music: Stephen Cohn)  
  Love on the Edge (music: Ryun Ron)  
  Michael Jordan Story: Road to Victory (m:P.M.Christian)  
  Perfect Little Angels(music:Ken Williams)  
  Tiger Woods Story, the  
  Your Friends and Neighbors (music:??)  
1999   Imminent Danger (music: Andy Warman)  
  Kiss of a Stranger (music: S. Winans)  
  To Love, Honor and Betray (music: Louis Lefebre)  
2000   Age Of Empires II: The Conquerors  
  Microsoft No label number United States CD
2002   Afrika  
  BMG Korea BMGPD 6590 Korea (South) CD
  Bratz: Genie Magic  
  Hip-O/Universal Music B0006512-02 United States CD
  Hip-O/Universal Music B0006693-02 United States CD
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