Tony Riparetti
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1987   Say Yes  
1988   Commando Squad  
  Pleasure Planet  
1989   Alien from L.A.  
  Silva Screen/Edel Company SIL 5092-1 Germany CD
  Silva Screen FILMCD 092 Great Britain CD
  Sony Classical/Edel 0022128 CIN Germany CD
  Howlin' Wolf Records HWRCD-005 United States CD
  Edel 5103-2 Germany CD
  Edel 5103-2 Germany CD
  Silva Screen/Edel Company SIL 5050-2 Germany CD
  Edel 5107.2 Germany CD
1990   Deceit  
1991   Kickboxer II: the Road Back  
1992   Bloodmatch  
1993   Arcade  
  Brain Smasher: a Love Story  
  Dollman vs. Demonic Toys  
1994   Heat Seeker  
  Kickboxer IV: the Agressor  
  Spit Fire  
  Tammy and the Teenage T-Rex  
1995   Nemesis 3: Time Lapse  
  Nemesis IV: Angel Cry  
1996   Adrenaline: Fear the Rush  
  Fast Money  
  Omega Doom  
1997   Mean Guns  
  Howlin' Wolf Records HWRCD-008 United States CD
2005   Invasion  
  Howlin' Wolf Records HWRCD-016 United States CD
2006   Cool Air  
  Howlin' Wolf Records HWRCD-016 United States CD
2010   Tales Of An Ancient Empire  
  Howlin' Wolf Records HWRCD-011 United States CD
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