John Du Prez
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1982   Monty Python at the Hollywood Bowl  
1983   Bullshot  
  Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life  
  CBS Records 70239 Great Britain LP
  MCA Records MCAC-6121 United States Cassette
  Virgin Records PYTH 2 Great Britain 45RPM
  Disky SI 792902 Netherlands CD
  Virgin Chattering Classics VCCCD010 Great Britain CD
  MCA Records MCA-6121 United States LP
  Virgin 09463 75723 2 0 United States CD
  Virgin Records 7243 8 39820 28 United States CD
  EMI Comedy 7243 5 28610 2 6 Great Britain CD
  Disky HR 793382 Netherlands CD
  Virgin Records MONTYCD8 European Union CD
1984   Oxford Blues  
1985   Once Bitten  
  Mike Curb Records/MCA Records Inc. MCA-6154 United States LP
  MCA Records/Curb Records INT 147.772 Germany LP
  Curb Records MCA-52717 United States 45RPM
  Private Function, a  
  She'll Be Wearing Pink Pajamas  
1986   Love With the Perfect Stranger  
1987   Filmtracks II  
  Moment CD 107 Switzerland CD
  Personal Services  
  Moment CD 107 Switzerland CD
1988   Fish Called Wanda, A  
  Milan Records CD CH 376 France CD
  Milan Music France 887878 France CD
  Music Box Records MBR-122 France CD
  Victor VICP 142 Japan CD
  Soundscreen/Little Major Records 5147-2 France CD
  Milan Records A 376 France LP
  Soundscreen/Little Major Records SL5147-4 France Cassette
1989   Chorus of Disapproval, a  
  Fine Romance, a  
  Scotti Bros. INT 147.340 Germany LP
  Rock 'n Roll SZ-45265 United States LP
  Scotti Bros. 72392 75237-2 United States CD
  Rock 'n Roll ZT 45265 United States Cassette
  Scotti Bros. INT 847.340 Germany CD
  Volcano/Zomba 61422-32013-2 United States CD
1990   Bullseye  
  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  
  SBK Records CDP 791066-2 Netherlands CD
  SBK Records/EMI 560-20 3933 2 Germany CD-SINGLE
  SBK Records K2-91066 United States CD
  SBK Records TOCP-6268 Japan CD
  SBK Records K4-91066 United States Cassette
  SBK Records CDP-91066 United States CD
  SBK Records CDP 91056 United States CD
  EMI TOCP 6268 Japan CD
  SBK Records K1-91066 United States LP
  SBK Records 2534842 France CD
1991   Mystery Date  
  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret Of The Ooze  
  SBK Records TCSBK 26 United States Cassette
  SBK Records K2-96204 United States CD
  SBK Records CDP-96204 United States CD
  SBK Records 796204 1 Brazil LP
  SBK Records POCP 6745 Japan CD
  SBK Records CDP 796204-2 Great Britain CD
  SBK Records CDSBK 26 Great Britain CD-SINGLE
  EMI 2536682 France CD
1992   Carry on Columbus  
1993 Time  
  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III  
  SBK Records 4KM-50424 United States Cassette
  SBK Records 7-89016 2 United States CD
  SBK/Cema Special Products S7-17320 United States 45RPM
1994   Good Man in Africa, a  
1998   Labor Pains  
2002   Monty Python At The Movies  
  Disky HR 793382 Netherlands CD
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