Jerry Goldsmith
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1959   Twilight Zone, The  
  Silva America STD 2000 United States CD
  Soundtrack Listeners Communications SLCS-7084 Japan CD
  Varese Sarabande VSD 302-066-087 United States CD
  Varese Sarabande STV-81192 United States LP
  Colosseum VSD (CVS) 47233 Germany CD
  Varese Sarabande VCD-47233 United States CD
  RCA Victor LSP 2180 United States LP
  Silva America SSD 1093 United States CD
  Colosseum VSD (CVS) 6087 Germany CD
  Soundtrack Listeners Communications SLCS 7082 Japan CD
1960   Double Impact  
  RCA Victor LPM-2180 United States LP
  RCA Victor LSP 2180 United States LP
  Expendables, the  
  Studs Lonigan  
  Varese Sarabande CD Club VCL 1102 1016 United States CD
  Quartet Records QRSCE026 Spain CD
  Tsunami TCI 0607 Germany CD
  Solid Records CDSOL-45390 Japan CD
  Fresh Sound Records FSCD 2015 Spain CD
  Tadlow Music TADLOW 024 Great Britain CD
  Image Entertainment ID 6429 NCDVD United States DVD
  Tadlow Music TADLOW 029 Great Britain CD
  Time S-2034 LP
  Time 52034 United States LP
1961   Cain's Hundred  
  Film Score Monthly FSMCD Vol. 12 No. 14 United States CD
  Dr. Kildare  
  Silva Screen SILCD1183 Great Britain CD
  Capitol Records EAP4 1171 Great Britain EP
  Film Score Monthly FSMCD Vol. 12 No. 6 United States CD
  Masters Film Music SRS 2003 United States CD
  Metro Records MS-544 United States LP
  MGM Records 45-MGM-1160 Great Britain 45RPM
  Film Score Monthly FSM Vol. 13, No. 13 United States CD
  Imperial IH 560 LP
  MGM Records LL-2165 Japan 45RPM
  Verve Records 45-POP 1061 Great Britain 45RPM
  Metro Records M-544 United States LP
  General With The Cockeyed Id, The  
  Delphi 9103W Germany CD
  Temple TLP 2001 United States LP
  Delphi 9103 Germany CD
  People Next Door, the  
1962   Best Years, the  
  Catch it on the Wing  
  Crime Busters  
  Citadel CT 7011 United States LP
  Tsunami TSU 0129 Germany CD
  Varese Sarabande CD Club VCL 1209 1102 United States CD
  Citadel CT 6019 United States LP
  Lonely Are The Brave  
  Soundtrack Library 29 CD
  Varese Sarabande CD Club VCL 0609 1094.2 United States CD
  Delphi 9104W Germany CD
  Spiral Road, The  
  Soundstage Records 610 United States CD
  Varese Sarabande CD Club VCL 0310 1105 United States CD
1963   Dick Powell Presents  
  Dot Records DLP 25421 United States LP
  Dot Records DLP 3421 United States LP
  Film Concert By The Clebanoff, A  
  Mercury Records MG 20887 United States LP
  Gathering Of Eagles, A  
  Varese Sarabande CD Club VCL 0910 1110 United States CD
  Tadlow Music TADLOW 020 Great Britain CD
  Lilies Of The Field  
  Pendulum PEG 009 A28549 United States CD
  Perseverance Records PRR 049 United States CD
  Epic Records SX 1626 LP
  Columbia LL-667-E Japan 45RPM
  Epic Records BN 26094 United States LP
  Twilight Time no label number United States DVD
  Columbia PS 1119E Japan LP
  Tsunami TSU 0101 Germany CD
  Epic Records LN 24094 (MONO) LP
  CBS/Sony 25AP 808 Japan LP
  Columbia 33SX1626 Great Britain LP
  List Of Adrian Messenger, The  
  Soundtrack Library CD-21 United States CD
  Sound Stage 021 CD
  Varese Sarabande VCL 0214 1149 United States CD
  POO LP 104 United States LP
  Prize, The  
  Rhino R2 75701 United States CD
  Film Score Monthly Vol. 13, No. 18 United States CD
  MGM Records SE-4192 United States LP
  Columbia LL-5036 Japan 45RPM
  Film Score Monthly FSMCD Vol. 5 No. 16 United States CD
  Mercury Records MG 20887 United States LP
  MGM Records 63615 France EP
  20th Century Fox SJET-180 Japan EP
  MGM Records E-4192 United States LP
  Sony AK 47019 United States CD
  Capitol Records EAP 1-20591 France EP
  MGM Records EP779 Great Britain LP
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