Jimmy Webb
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1970   Love Story  
  Paramount PAS 6002 United States LP
  Sony Classical SK 87736 United States CD
  United Artists UAS 29124 Italy LP
  Editions 23 001 France CD
  Music For Pleasure/EMI SPR 90042 Great Britain LP
  MCA Records MCAC-27017 United States Cassette
  United Artists HIT-1850 Japan 45RPM
  MCA Records MCS 4375 Italy 45RPM
  MCA Records MCADM2-7017 Mexico CD
  EMI PRDFCD 1 Great Britain CD
  Paramount SPML 934090 LP
  A&M Records AM 1394 France 45RPM
  Telefunken SLE 14 609-P Germany LP
  Warner Music 5050467-3717-2-9 Germany CD
  Naxos 8.572111 Canada CD
  RCA Records PL 70052 Germany LP
  PGP RTB/Polydor S 53 642 Yugoslavia 45RPM
  Paramount GX 01 449 Mexico LP
  MCA Records 250 432-2 Germany CD
  MCA Records MCD 27017 Germany CD
  Universal Music/BMG MCD 33768 European Union CD
  RCA Records RS 1058 Great Britain LP
  RCA Victor VPS-6053 United States LP
  Deacon DEA 1052 Great Britain LP
  Overseas UP-254-V Japan 45RPM
  Music For Pleasure MFP 5189 Great Britain LP
  Fonola SP. 8015 Italy 45RPM
  MCA Records VIM 7245 Japan LP
  Hispavox H689 Spain 45RPM
  MCA Records MCD 33768 European Union CD
  Paramount SJET-8308 Japan LP
  Music For Pleasure/EMI 4 M 046-96352 Netherlands LP
  United Artists 35 194 Germany 45RPM
  RCA Victor 74-16 053 Germany 45RPM
  Gamma/Paramount GX 01-449 Mexico LP
  Paramount JET-2024 Japan 45RPM
  TMS/Sion 18601 France CD
  MCA Records MCL 1782 LP
  Paradiso PA 761/2 Belgium CD
  Paramount PAA-0064 Netherlands 45RPM
  MCA Records MCLD 19157 Great Britain CD
  RCA Records 74321960742 Spain CD
  London Records TOP-1596 Japan 45RPM
  United Artists UP 35.194 France 45RPM
  Paramount JET-2081 Japan 45RPM
  Musidisc 30 CV 1155 France LP
  ABC Records 68 901 France LP
  RCA Victor LSP-4466 United States LP
  Motor Music 539 107-2 Germany CD
  Score SCO 8901 France LP
  Silva Screen Records SILCD1338 Great Britain CD
  Paramount PAS-1007 United States LP
  ABC Records YZ-8003-AB Japan LP
  Quartet Records QR313 Spain CD
  MCA Records MVCM 154 Japan CD
  MCA Records 201307.32 LP
  Visadisc VI285 EP
  Warner Bros WEA 56 556 A France LP
  Pathé Marconi 2C 062-92221 France LP
  Milan SLP 129 France LP
  London Phase 4 SP 44225 Great Britain LP
  United Artists UA 35173 Italy 45RPM
  Philips 6210 020 France 45RPM
  Hallmark 305562 Germany CD
  Paramount PAS2-7000 United States LP
  MCA Records 427 017-2 MCD 27017 Great Britain CD
  MCA Records 204 544 France LP
  Paramount/Pathé Marconi 2C 006-92.224 M France 45RPM
  Paramount SPFL 267 Great Britain LP
  ABC Records YK-882-AB Japan 45RPM
  London Records TOP-1612 Japan 45RPM
  Paramount 1 C 006-92 528 Germany 45RPM
1974   Naked Ape, The  
  Playboy PB 125 LP
1979   Voices  
  Varese Sarabande 302 067 428 8 United States CD
  Planet P-9002 United States LP
  Planet/MGM Records PL 52 158 Germany LP
1982   Last Unicorn, The  
  Virgin Records 7 86735 2 Germany CD
  Ariola 610388-2 Germany CD
  Virgin Records 105785-100 Germany 45RPM
  Virgin Records 206684 Germany LP
  Virgin Records 205 732-320 Germany LP
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