Giuseppe Verdi
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1963   Gattopardo, Il  
  Sony Classical SK 63359 United States CD
  RCA Cinematres SNLI 7231 Spain LP
  Vivi Musica VCDS 7001 Italy CD
  Vivi Musica Soundtracks VCDS 7025 Italy CD
  Él/Cherry Red Records ACMEMD284CD Great Britain CD
  CAM CSE 010 Italy CD
  $tateside SSL 10058 United States LP
  Titanus TLD 5043 Italy 45RPM
  CAM CSE 800-010 Italy CD
  RCA Records TMS 1004 LP
  EMI Classics 0777 7 54528 2 2 Germany CD
  $tateside SL 10058 Great Britain LP
  Titanus TLD 5041 Italy 45RPM
  Chandos Movies CHAN 9771 United States CD
  Seven Seas K28P 4048 Japan LP
  Titanus TLD 5042 Italy EP
  Ducretet Thomson 460 V 576 France EP
  Music on Vinyl MOVATM007 Netherlands LP
  Titanus TMS 1004 Italy LP
  20th FOX SXG 5015 United States LP
  Sony Classical SK 66279 Italy CD
  Sugar Records 6 Italy CD
  CAM 74321108002 France CD
  RCA Cinematre NL 33208 Italy LP
  CAM 822 747-2 Italy CD
  CAM EPC 474442 2 Spain CD
  20th Century Fox Records FXG 5015 United States LP
  CAM 493267-2 Italy CD
  CBS/Sony 2304 Japan LP
  Curci SP 1004 Italy 45RPM
  20th Century Fox Records TL-31,196 Australia LP
  Quartet Records QR327 Spain CD
  Durium 48055 LP
  Varese Sarabande STV 81190 United States LP
  CAM SAG 9054 Italy LP
  Kind of Blue 10049 Italy CD
1982   Traviata, La  
  Elektra 60267-4 United States Cassette
  WEA 25-0072-1 Germany LP
1983   Nostalghia  
1986   Otello  
  EMI Records CDS 747450 Germany CD
  EMI Records CDCB 47450 United States CD
1987   Aria  
  RCA Red Seal BL86587 Germany LP
  RCA Victor 6587 2 RC United States CD
  RCA Red Seal BD 86587 Germany CD
  RCA Victor 6587-1 United States LP
  Decca 4175252 Germany CD
  EMI Records SHSP 4019 LP
1988   Little Dorrit  
  Filmtrax MOMENT 117 Great Britain LP
  Maître De Musique, Le  
  Analekta AN-4-8801 Canada Cassette
  Carrere 66671 France LP
  Carrere 96.671 France CD
2000   Traviata à Paris, La  
  Teldec 8573-82741-2 Germany CD
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