Fred Ebb
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1977   New York, New York  
  United Artists 5C 154.99290/1 Netherlands LP
  Philips 411037-2 Germany CD
  Seven Seas FMW 35-36 LP
  Liberty LKBL-750 United States LP
  United Artists K28P-199 LP
  United Artists UAMG 113 United States LP
  United Artists FMS-36 Japan 45RPM
  United Artists UAD 60143/44 Ireland LP
  United Artists 30 112 XDT Germany LP
  Liberty Records 14C 162-99290 Greece LP
  Pickwick SPC-3582 Canada LP
  United Artists 224065 LP
  EMI Manhattan CDP 7 46090 2 United States CD
  United Artists Records 2C 170-99290/1 France LP
  United Artists LA750-L2 United States LP
  EMI Manhattan CDP 7 46090 2 Italy CD
  Philips 411 037-2 United States CD
  Philips 6514 328 Netherlands LP
  United Artists UAXW 1014 France 45RPM
  Themes From  
  Pickwick SPC-3582 Canada LP
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