Simon Boswell
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
0   Hear The Music  
  Blue Focus Management no number United States CD
1985   Phenomena  
  Cinevox CD-CIA 5062 Italy CD
  Enigma Records SJ-73205 United States LP
  Vivi Musica VCDS 7002 Italy CD
  AMS Records AMS LP 76 Italy LP
  DRG Records 32924 Italy CD
  Cinevox CDMDF-346 Italy CD
  Cinevox CD MDF 601 Italy CD
  Cinevox CD MDF 303 Italy CD
  Cinevox CD-F 0002 Italy CD
  Cinevox CIA 5062 Italy LP
  Soundtrack Listeners Communications SLCS-7149 Japan CD
  Deep Red/Dreams Magazine CD X001 France CD
  Victor Musical Industries, Inc. VIP-28102 Japan LP
  Cinevox CD MDF 336 Italy CD
  Cinevox CD-CIA 5009 Italy CD
  Mediane/Cinedelic AMK 5503 United States CD
  Heavy Metal World Wide HMI LP 47 Great Britain LP
  Cinevox CDMDF 602 Italy CD
  Cinevox Gold Tracks OST 707S Italy CD
  DRG Records CD 32904 United States CD
  Roadrunner Records 9724 Netherlands LP
  Polydor 827 005-1 France LP
  Cinevox CIA 5006-1 Italy LP
  Avanz Records SP/CR-00009 Japan CD
  Cinevox CD MDF 618 Italy CD
1986   Demoni 2  
  International Records SNIR 25120 Italy LP
  Apollon BY 32 40 Japan CD
  Cinevox CD-CIA 5009 Italy CD
1987   Deliria  
  FLICK 6 United States LP
  Panam Nippon Crown Incorporated ZL-89 Japan CD
  Simon Boswell FLICK 006 European Union CD
  Lucertola Media LMCD 002 Germany CD
  Foto di Gioia, le  
1988   A Cena Col Vampiro  
  Cinevox MDF 33.186 Italy LP
  Cinevox CDMDF-346 Italy CD
  Argento Vivo  
  Cinevox TMDF 33/170 Italy LP
  Cinevox MDF 170 Italy CD
  Argento Vivo 2  
  Cinevox CD-MDF 185 Italy CD
  Ghost House  
  God's Payroll  
  Notte Nel Cimitero, Una  
1989   Chiesa, La  
  Castle Music CMETD1214 Great Britain CD
  DRG Records CD 32904 United States CD
  Btf - AMS AMS LP 92 Italy LP
  Avanz Records SP/CR 200013 Japan CD
  Cinevox CD-CIA 5009 Italy CD
  Castle US/Ryko 36256 United States CD
  DRG Records 32934 United States CD
  Cinevox CD OST-PK 023 Italy CD
  Jimco Records JICK 89036 Japan CD
  Cinevox CDMDF 602 Italy CD
  Fruitgum Corp FCCD 1603048597 Australia CD
  Cinevox CD-MDF 329 Italy CD
  Limited Progressive KECD 06001906 Russia CD
  Cinevox MDF 33.192 Italy LP
  Gioko, Il  
  Maschera Nel Demonia, la  
  Santa Sangre  
  President PCOM 1104 Great Britain CD
  Cinevox MDF 33/195 Italy LP
1990   Dangerous Obsesssion  
  Milan C627 France Cassette
  Varese Sarabande VSD-5283 United States CD
  Composer release FLICK 005 Great Britain LP
  Victor VICP 140 Japan CD
  Composer release FLICK 005CD Great Britain CD
  Milan CD CH 627 France CD
  Sante San Ere  
  President PTLS 1104 Great Britain CD
1991   I Films Di Dario Argento  
  Cinevox CD-CIA 5009 Italy CD
  Mortal Sins  
1992   Crying Game, The  
  Polydor POCP 1329 Japan CD
  Angel Records 7243 5 57158 2 1 European Union CD
  SBK Records CDP-589024 United States CD
  Polydor 517024-2 Great Britain CD
  Spaghetti 89024 United States CD
  SBK Records K2-19785 United States CD-SINGLE
  Dust Devil  
  Varese Sarabande VSD-5395 United States CD
  Subversive Cinema SC12 United States CD
  Turn of the Screw, the  
1993   Love Matters  
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