Miles Goodman
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1976   Slumber Party '57  
  Mercury Records SRMI 1097 United States LP
1977   Lou Grant  
  PCM Records PAA-1001 United States LP
1979   Last Cry for Help, a  
  Skatetown U.S.A.  
  Columbia JC 36292 United States LP
  CBS/Sony 25AP 1759 Japan LP
1982   Having It All  
  Lookin' to Get Out  
1983   Face of Rage, the  
  High School  
  Man Who Wasn't There, The  
  Table for Five  
  Uncommon Love, an  
1984   Footloose  
  CBS Records SBP 273990 LP
  CBS Records JST 39242 United States Cassette
  Sony Music Japan International SICP-30185 Japan CD
  Columbia CK 39242 United States CD
  Columbia 20492 Argentina LP
  Columbia JS 39242 United States LP
  CBS Records CBS 463000 2 Great Britain CD
  CBS/Sony 07SP 788 Japan 45RPM
  CBS/Sony 30AP 2797 Japan LP
  Columbia/CBS Records JST 29424 United States Cassette
  CBS Records 35DP 129 Japan CD
  CBS Records CDCBS 70246 Great Britain CD
  Columbia/Legacy CK 65781 United States CD
  Columbia Records 38 04418 United States 45RPM
  CBS/Sony 28AP 2770 Japan LP
  CBS Records A-4319 Netherlands 45RPM
  Columbia/Legacy 493007 2 CD
  CBS Records 32677 Great Britain LP
  CBS Records S 70246 Spain LP
  CBS Records 70246 Netherlands LP
  Sony/Columbia CS 65781 United States CD
  Sony Music Japan International SICP-2280 Japan CD
  Me & Mom  
1985   Amazing Stories  
  Intrada Special Collection Volume 32 United States CD
  MCA Records MCAD 2-11550 United States CD
  Colosseum VSD (CVS) 5941 Germany CD
  Warner Bros. Records United States CD
  Varese Sarabande VSD-5941 United States CD
  Varese Sarabande VCL 0703 1021 United States CD
  z Other
  Crusader 1097 United States CD
  Best Times, the  
  Poison Ivy  
  Teen Wolf  
  Polydor P30P 20037 Japan CD
  Metronome 829 092-2 United States CD
  Jackal Records WOW 729 United States LP
  Southern Cross SCRS 1010 United States LP
  Metronome 829 029-1 ME Germany LP
1986   About Last Night...  
  EMI 4XV-17210 United States Cassette
  EMI Records 1SV17120 United States LP
  EMI Records 2406041 France LP
  Mars Entertainment M44012-2 United States CD
  EMI Records CDP 7 46560 United States CD
  American Geisha  
  Blind Justice  
  Little Shop Of Horrors  
  Geffen Records GHS 24125 United States LP
  Geffen Records 924 125-1 Germany LP
  WEA Records 924.125-2 CD
  Geffen Records 928 361-7 Germany 45RPM
  Geffen Records 32XD-703 Japan CD
  Polydor 513547-2 Germany CD
  Geffen Records 9 24125-2 United States CD
  DRG Records 2147129982 United States CD
  Geffen Records GFLD 19289 Great Britain CD
  Passion Flower  
  Reason to Live, a  
  Thompson's Last Run  
1987   Bamba, La  
  Slash/Warner Bros 25605-4 United States Cassette
  London P28L 20070 Japan CD
  London Records 828 058-1 Netherlands LP
  Twilight Time TWILIGHT110-BR United States DVD
  London Records 3984 28226 2 Germany CD
  Slash/Warner Bros 9 25605-2 United States CD
  Slash/Warner Bros 1-25605 United States LP
  Polygram LPR 54066 Mexico LP
  London L28P-1251 Japan LP
  London Records 828 058-2 Germany CD
  Slash/Warner Bros 92 56051 CR Canada LP
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