Pierre Bachelet
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1974   Emmanuelle  
  Polydor 2060 079 Portugal 45RPM
  Warner Bros (Warner Pioneer Corporation) K 16483 Italy 45RPM
  Warner Bros. P 6353 W LP
  Silva Screen Records SILCD1263 Great Britain CD
  Olympo S-40 Spain 45RPM
  Barclay 900.567 France LP
  Variety Film FNP-NP 10222 Italy 45RPM
  Fonola SP 8068 Italy 45RPM
  Warner Bros. WPCP 3858 Japan CD
  Barclay/Trinacra 620.077 France 45RPM
  Philips SFL-1877 Japan 45RPM
  Osiris OS 0015 Portugal 45RPM
  Warner Bros. K 16483 Italy 45RPM
  Barclay 80545 France LP
  Warner Bros. Records WPCR-75276 Japan CD
  Warner Bros. LWB-5155 Mexico LP
  Warner Bros. Records WB 56084 Germany LP
  Warner Bros. P-8518W Japan LP
  Cinevox MDF 063 Italy 45RPM
  Arista Records AL4036 United States LP
  Silva Screen SILCD1207 Great Britain CD
  Barclay FM-1078 Japan 45RPM
  Olympo L-311 Spain LP
  Warner Bros. K 56084 Great Britain LP
  Columbia LL-2639-N Japan 45RPM
  Durium Ld A 7870 Italy 45RPM
  Silva Screen SIL 5058-2 Great Britain CD
  Warner Bros. WB 16483 Germany 45RPM
  BASF 06 12418-3 Germany 45RPM
1975   Emmanuelle 2  
  CBS Records 4089 Italy 45RPM
  Gamma GX 01-1062 Mexico LP
  RCA Records RVP-6016 Japan LP
  TMS/Sion 18601 France CD
  Seven Seas K20P-4149 Japan LP
  Wip Records 45-1324 Spain 45RPM
  Seven Seas FML 51 Japan LP
  WEA Music GmbH/Warner Communications WB 46722 Germany 45RPM
  WEA 76026 Turkey 45RPM
  Warner Bros WEA 56 556 A France LP
  Silva Screen Records SILCD1338 Great Britain CD
  Warner Bros. K 56231 Greece LP
  Editions 23 001 France CD
  Polydor DP4001 Japan 45RPM
  CBS Records 81313 Italy LP
  Milan SLP 129 France LP
  Warner Bros. P-1437W Japan 45RPM
  Victor VICP-60709 Japan CD
  Wip Records 861 008 France 45RPM
  Wip Records 863 002 France LP
  Soundtrack Listeners Communications SLCS-5035 Japan CD
  CBS Records 4211 Italy 45RPM
  Histoire D'O  
  CAM 493208-2 Italy CD
  Ariola 89596 OT Germany LP
  Decca/CAM 6.11846 AC Germany 45RPM
  CAM 74321130722 France CD
  Barclay 900568 France LP
  CAM AMP 163 Italy 45RPM
  Barclay MB 28.135 Germany 45RPM
  CAM CVS 900-050 Italy CD
  RCA Records 26.11358 Germany 45RPM
  Polydor 823 524-1 France LP
  Bocaccio Records B 32525 Spain 45RPM
  Barclay 80571 France LP
  EMI Records EMC 2541 Australia LP
  Bellaphon BL 11339 Germany 45RPM
  Seven Seas KICP 400 Japan CD
  CAM SAG 9065 Italy LP
  CAM AMP 162 Italy 45RPM
  Philips SFL-2052 Japan 45RPM
  CAM 493100 Italy CD
  Ariola 16 444 AT Germany 45RPM
  Harmony H 6002 Italy 45RPM
  RCA Records RVP-6016 Japan LP
  CAM CSE 081 Italy CD
  Able ABL 17005 Canada LP
  Barclay 620.139 France 45RPM
  Polydor DP 4005 Japan 45RPM
  CAM CSE 800-143 Italy CD
  Decca SKL R 5235 United States LP
  RCA Victor/Telectra 20 153 Portugal 45RPM
  Musart Edip-60311 Mexico LP
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