S.S.T. Band
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1986   Out Run  
  Scitron PCCB 00081 Japan CD
  AM2 MIX AMMX 2003 R-03A0319 Japan CD
1987   After Burner II  
  Sega/Marvelous Entertainment, Inc. MJCAX-00007 Japan CD
1989   Mega Selection - G.S.M. Sega - S.S.T. Band  
  Scitron/Pony Canyon PCCB-00014 Japan CD
1990   Hyper Drive - G.S.M. SEGA  
  Pony Canyon/Scitron PCCB-00035 Japan CD
1991   Strike Fighter  
  Scitron/Pony Canyon PCCB-00067 Japan CD
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