Evanthia Reboutsika
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1997   Athina-Thessaloniki  
  Warner Music 398421790-2 Greece CD
2003   Politiki Kouzina  
  Colosseum CST 8095.2 Germany CD
  Ikaros Music R4526833 Greece LP
  Roadshow Music 301077-2 Australia CD
  Cantini CAN0038 Greece CD
2004   Foni Aigaiou  
  Cantini CAN 0069 Greece CD
2005   Babam Ve Oglum  
  Cantini CAN 0083 Greece CD
2008   Ulak  
  Cantini CAN 0137 Greece CD
2009   Megaloi Ellines  
  Cantini CAN 0175 Greece CD
2014   Birlesen Gönüller  
  Cantini CAN 0236 Greece CD
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