Richard Rodney Bennett
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1956   Song of the Clouds, the  
  World Assured, the  
1957   Interpol  
1958   Indiscreet  
  Menace in the Night  
  Safecracker, the  
1959   Angry Hills, the  
  Blind Date  
  Top Rank TR 5005 Great Britain 45RPM
  Devil's Diciple, the  
  Man Who Could Cheat Death, the  
1960   Penny for Your Thoughts, a  
  Questining of Springing, a  
1961   Devil Never Sleeps, the  
  Great Themes From Film Hits  
  SAL-1197 Japan LP
  Mark, the  
  Only Two Can Play  
  Purple Stream, the  
  They Took Us to the Sea  
1962   African Awakening  
  Quest for Perfection  
  Wrong Arm of Law, the  
1963   Billy Liar  
  Doctor Who  
  BBC/Edelton EDL 2517-1 Germany LP
  Silva Screen Records SILCD1552 Great Britain CD
  BBC Records REH 462 Great Britain LP
  BBC Records BBC2LP-22000 Great Britain LP
  BBC Records RESL 80 Great Britain 45RPM
  Silva Screen Records SILCD1537 Great Britain CD
  Century 21 Records MA 105 Great Britain EP
  BBC Records REH 552 Great Britain LP
  Silva Screen Records SILCD1370 Great Britain CD
  Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab MFCD 2-831 Japan CD
  Silva Screen Records SILLP1552 Great Britain LP
  BBC Records 38 968 Great Britain LP
  Decca F.11837 Great Britain 45RPM
  Stet DS 15018 United States LP
  Silva Screen Records SILLP1370 Great Britain LP
  Heaven's Above  
1964   One Way Pendulum  
1965   European Tapestry  
  Nanny, the  
  R-and-B man, the  
1966   Engineers, the  
  Witches, The  
  GDI Records GDICD005 Great Britain CD
1967   Billion Dollar Brain  
  Sony AK 47019 United States CD
  Top Kapi Records CAT NO 057 Great Britain CD
  United Artists SULP 1183 Great Britain LP
  United Artists 38.218 UAF France 45RPM
  Movietrack Classics MTC 4644 Czech Republic CD
  United Artists UAS 5174 United States LP
  Film Score Monthly FSM BOX 03 United States CD
  MCA Records 25091 United States LP
  United Artists UAL4174 United States LP
  United Artists SU 32 LP
  Kritzerland KR 20013-8 United States CD
  United Artists UAS 9024 LP
  Far From The Madding Crowd  
  Chapter III CHA 1005-2 United States CD
  MGM Records 1E-11 ST United States LP
  MGM Records 25 MM 9036 United States LP
  Sony Music Special Products AK 47023 United States CD
  MGM Records MGM-C-8053 Great Britain LP
  Chandos 9867 Great Britain CD
  Silva Screen SILKD 6018 Great Britain CD
  Silva Screen FILMXCD 309 Great Britain CD
  MGM Records MGM-CS-8053 Great Britain LP
  MGM Records S1E.11ST United States LP
  Silva America SSD 1094 United States CD
  Secret Ceremony  
1970   Buttercup Chain, The  
  Figures In A Landscape  
  Go-Between, The  
  Columbia 2C 006-92.676 M France EP
  Bell Records 2008 023 France 45RPM
  Auvidis Travelling K 1019 France CD
  EMI Columbia 3 C006-92676 M Italy 45RPM
  Play Time FGL PL 981044/3041412 France CD
  Silva America SILCD 1185 United States CD
  CBS Masterworks M35175 United States LP
  Project 3 Records PR 5063QD United States LP
  Auvidis K 1020 France CD
  Laserlight 21 322 Germany CD
  Sony Music Japan International SICP 1562 Japan CD
  Columbia/EMI DB8823 Great Britain 45RPM
  Bell 1361 Great Britain 45RPM
  Emarcy/Universal Music 982 908-1 France CD
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