Bruno Nicolai
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
0   Kitsch 3 - Your Passport To Amalfi Days and Vegas Nights  
  BMG - Atmosphere ATMOS-CDKITSCH3 Italy CD
1964   Mondo Cane 2  
  Verve VK 10313 Italy 45RPM
  CAM Cms 30.071 LP
  CAM CA. 2560 Italy 45RPM
  Ricordi CAM ORL 8406 Italy LP
  Seven Seas/Cetra HIT-1058 Japan 45RPM
  Verve/MGM V-8573 United States LP
  Command Records RS 871 SD United States LP
  20th FOX S 4147 LP
  Disques CinéMusique no label number Canada Other
  CAM CVS005 Italy CD
  Pelo Nel Mondo, Il  
  CAM CMS 30-090 Italy LP
  Musicor MM 2059 United States LP
  Disques CinéMusique no label number Canada Other
  Musicor MS 3059 United States LP
  Vita Di Michelangelo  
  Edi-pan CS 2012 Italy LP
  Kronos Records KRONGOLD007 Malta CD
1965   Centomila Dollari Per Ringo  
  Ricordi SRL 10-400 Italy 45RPM
  King Records KICP 433 Japan CD
  Cinevox CD MDF 357 Italy CD
  Edi-pan LON LP 30 Italy LP
  Seven Seas K30Y 4026 Japan CD
  Edi-pan CS 2019 Italy LP
  Seven Seas PS-26 Japan EP
  GDM CD Club 7009 Italy CD
  Seven Seas K20P-4151 Japan LP
  Edi-pan PAN CDS 2501 Italy CD
  Octave in Lounge OTCD-3986 Japan CD
  Christmas That Almost Wasn't, The  
  RCA Camden CAS 1086 United States LP
  Digitmovies CDDM073 Italy CD
  RCA Camden CAL 1086 United States LP
  Mann Mit Den 1000 Masken, Der  
  Verita Note VCDQ-10017 Japan CD
  Soundtrack Listeners Communications SLCS 7304 Japan CD
1966   Berlino l'Apocalisse, da  
  Cisco, El  
  Digitmovies CDDM047 Italy CD
  Django Spara Per Primo  
  Intermezzo IM 012 Italy LP
  CAM 508952-2 Italy CD
  GDM Music 4149 Italy CD
  K.O. Va E Uccidi  
  Saimel Ediciones 3998920 Spain CD
  Missione Speciale Lady Chaplin  
  Digitmovies CDDM082 Italy CD
  CBS Records 2968 Netherlands 45RPM
  Natale Che Quasi non Fu, il  
  RCA CAS 1086 LP
  Romeo e Giulietta  
1967   A Ciascuno Il Suo  
  MCA Records MCA-25039 United States LP
  GDM Music GDM 2055 Italy CD
  Point Records PRCD 109 Italy CD
  Quartet Records QRSCE032 Spain CD
  Parade PRC 5029 Italy 45RPM
  Avanz Records SP/CR-00013 Japan CD
  United Artists UAS 5183 United States LP
  Telarc CD-80631 United States CD
  Right Tempo/Easy Tempo ET 922 CD Italy CD
  Dalle Ardenne All'Inferno  
  Replay Music RMCD 4063 Italy CD
  Spalax CD 14983 Italy CD
  Beat Records CDCR86 Italy CD
  Beat Records LP 001 LP
  Beat Records CD CR 18 Italy CD
  Gentleman Jo... Uccidi  
  Digitmovies CDDM036 Italy CD
  Giorni Della Violenza, I  
  GDM CD Club 7016 Italy CD
  DRG Records 32929 United States CD
  Point Records PRCD 123 Italy CD
  Kiss Kiss Bang Bang  
  Soundtrack Listeners Club SLSC-7301 Japan CD
  GDM Music GDM 2055 Italy CD
  Parade 45 PRC 5003 Italy 45RPM
  Verita Note VCDQ-10017 Japan CD
  Volcano/Culture Publishers CPC8-1090 Japan CD
  Liber Organum  
  Gemelli GG.ST.10018 Italy LP
  Lucky, El Intrépido  
  Verita Note VCDQ-10017 Japan CD
  Dagored RED107 Italy LP
  Right Tempo/Easy Tempo ET 915 CD Italy CD
  Lucertola Media LMCD 008 Germany CD
  Hexacord/GDM Music HCD 9306 Italy CD
  Right Tempo/Easy Tempo ET 922 CD Italy CD
  Dagored 107 Italy CD
  GDM Music 2031 Italy CD
  OK Connery  
  Digitmovies LPDM002 Italy LP
  Parade PRC 5042 EP
  Parade PRC 5035 Italy 45RPM
  Digitmovies CDDM025 Italy CD
1968   Corri, Uomo, Corri  
  CAM 493472-2 Italy CD
  RCA Cinematre NL 33228 Italy LP
  King Records KICP 435 Japan CD
  Digitmovies LPDM003 Italy LP
  CAM SAG 9006 Italy LP
  CAM CVS 900-020 Italy CD
  CAM 493214 Italy CD
  CAM AMP 46 Italy 45RPM
  CAM CSE 070 Italy CD
  Digitmovies CDDM095 Italy CD
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