Jean-Michel Bernard
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
0   Marchand D'Histoires  
  Kapagama KAP 1001/SC865 France CD
2006   Science Des Rves, La  
  Astralwerks ASW70922 United States CD
  Source Records 094637092224 European Union CD
  Source LTL 094637092026 France CD
2008   Be Kind Rewind  
  Nave France K1637 France CD
  Lakeshore Records LKS 33969 United States CD
  Naive K1640 France CD
2010   Qui A Envie D'tre Aim? (2010)  
  Jade Records 699 731-2 France CD
2011   Bienvenue Bord  
  Sony 88697948972 European Union CD
2012   Oncle Charles, L'  
  Cristal Records BO001 France CD
2013   Love Punch  
  Universal Music no label number Great Britain Other
2014   Vie L'Envers, La  
  Cristal Records France CD
2015   Ange Et Gabrielle  
  Cristal Records France CD
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