Tom Holkenborg
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
2006   DOA: Dead Or Alive  
  Universal Music Group 984 276 4 CD
2014   300: Rise Of An Empire  
  WaterTower Music WTM 39502 United States CD
  Interscope Records B0020190-02 United States CD
  Interscope Records B0020191-02 United States CD
  Interscope Records BOO20190-01 A-D United States LP
  Interscope Records B0020474-02 United States CD
2015   Black Mass  
  WaterTower Music WTM United States CD
  Mad Max: Fury Road  
  Music on Vinyl MOVATM045 Netherlands LP
  WaterTower Music WTM39642 United States CD
  Sony Classical 88875115902 Germany CD
  Mondo MOND-033 United States LP
  Run All Night  
  WaterTower Music WTM United States CD
2016   Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice  
  WaterTower Music WTM39748 United States LP
  WaterTower Music 88875183652 European Union CD
  WaterTower Music WTM39747 United States CD
  WaterTower Music WTM39746 United States CD
  Sony Classical/Watertower Music 88985301172 European Union CD
  Milan Records 36827.2 United States CD
  Milan Music 399 893-2 France CD
  Milan Records M2-36783 United States CD
  Milan Records M2-36769 United States CD
  Milan 399 795-2 European Union CD
  Milan Music 399 829-2 France CD
  Distance Between Dreams  
  Lakeshore Records no label number United States Other
2017   Dark Tower, The  
  Music on Vinyl MOVATM173 Netherlands LP
  Sony Classical 88985455522 United States CD
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