John Williams
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1967   Valley Of The Dolls  
  20th Century Fox Gamma GX 07-529 Mexico EP
  Polygram 314 536 876-2 United States CD
  Scepter Records US-277-S Japan 45RPM
  Rhino Records R2 72240 United States CD
  EMI Stateside SSL 10228 Great Britain LP
  20th Century Fox Records EP-90-2 Portugal EP
  PYE International 7N.25445 Great Britain 45RPM
  20th Century Fox S-4196 United States LP
1968   Heidi  
  Capitol Records SKOA - 2995 United States LP
  Capitol Records SKOA 2995(D) CD
  Quartet Records SCE062 Spain CD
  Label X LXE 707 Australia LP
  Label X (Europe) LXE 707 Germany CD
  Kraft Music Hall  
  Land Of The Giants  
  GNP Crescendo GNPD 8048 United States CD
  La-La Land Records LLLCD 1486 United States CD
  GNP Crescendo GNPBX 3009 United States CD
  Silva America SSD 1085 United States CD
  Silva Screen FILMXCD 191 Great Britain CD
  GNP Crescendo Simply 125 Vinyl LP S 125023 Great Britain LP
  Sergeant Ryker  
1969   Daddy's Gone A-Hunting  
  Dot Records JET 1921 Japan 45RPM
  Goodbye, Mr. Chips  
  MGM (Nippon Grammophon) MM-2013 Japan LP
  Disques Vogue JET-1929 Japan 45RPM
  MGM Records S1E 19 ST United States LP
  EMI CDP 7 94085 2 Great Britain CD
  EMI Records CDP 79 4291 2 Netherlands CD
  Disques Vogue VG-5 France 45RPM
  EMI Records CDMGM 20 Great Britain CD
  Film Score Monthly FSMCD Vol. 9, No. 6 United States CD
  MGM Records 665115 France LP
  MCA Records MCAC-39066 United States Cassette
  Rhino Records R2 72910 United States CD
  MGM Records MGM-CS-8113 Great Britain LP
  EMI Records TOCP 6234 Japan CD
  MGM Records ES 4061 South Africa LP
  MGM Records S1E-19STX United States LP
  White Label no label number United States LP
  Reivers, The  
  Masters Film Music SRS 2009 Canada CD
  CBS Records 70068 United States LP
  Soundtrack Listeners Communications SLCS 7058 Japan CD
  Cinderella Records CR-CD 42973 United States CD
  Varese Sarabande VSD-5207 United States CD
  CBS/Sony SOPO-108 Japan LP
  Columbia 64-147 United States CD
  Columbia OS-3510 United States LP
  Legacy/Columbia CK 66130 United States CD
  Sony Classical S2K 51333 United States CD
1970   Jane Eyre  
  That's Entertainment Records CDTER 102 Great Britain CD
  Capitol Records CP 80215 Japan LP
  Silva Screen FILMCD 204 Great Britain CD
  Capitol Records SW 749 United States LP
  That's Entertainment Records Ter 1022 Great Britain LP
  Varese Sarabande VSD-5207 United States CD
  JANE Records JCD 89031-2 CD
  Capitol Records YL 3050 Japan LP
  La-La Land Records LLLCD 1214 United States CD
  Silva Screen FILMCD 031 Great Britain CD
  EMI Capitol E ST 749 LP
  Soundtrack Listeners Communications SLCS 7058 Japan CD
  Silva Screen TVPMCD810 Great Britain CD
  Capitol Records SM 749 LP
  Capitol CR 2756 STEREO Japan 45RPM
  NBC Nightly News  
  RCA Records AQLI-3052 United States LP
  Vocalion CDSML 8468 Great Britain CD
  Screaming Woman, the  
  Storia Di Una Donna  
  Ariston AR 0348 Italy 45RPM
  Seven Seas HIT 1957 Japan 45RPM
1971   Blind Man's Bluff  
  Fiddler On The Roof  
  Toshiba CP 32 5522 Japan CD
  EMI Capitol 72435-35266-2-7V United States CD
  EMI Columbia C 23 757 Germany 45RPM
  United Artists UAD 60011 Netherlands LP
  EMI USA E2 0777 7 46091 2 8 United States CD
  EMI Records CDP 7 46091 2 United States CD
  Project 3 Records PR 5063QD United States LP
  Belter 1 Spain LP
  United Artists UAD 60.011/2 France LP
  United Artists Records GX 07-752 Mexico 45RPM
  United Artists GXH 6026/7 LP
  United Artists 88735 XD Spain LP
  EMI Capitol 72435-35266-2-7 United States CD
  RCA Records LSO-1093 United States LP
  United Artists UAS 10900 United States LP
  Liberty LXB-51041 United States LP
  Capitol Records CR-2936 Japan 45RPM
  United Artists/King Records Japan GW 155/6 Japan LP
  Belter 52.434 Spain EP
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