Gianni Marchetti
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
0   Kitsch 3 - Your Passport To Amalfi Days and Vegas Nights  
  BMG - Atmosphere ATMOS-CDKITSCH3 Italy CD
1966   Top Crack  
  CAM 508951-2 Italy CD
  GDM Music 4132 Italy CD
  CAM AMG 6 Italy LP
  CAM AMP 19 Italy 45RPM
1967   Fai In Fretta Ad Uccidermi... Ho Freddo!  
  Dischi Parlophon QMSP 16410 Italy 45RPM
  Det DTP 15 Italy 45RPM
  Mister Dynamit - Morgen Küßt Euch Der Tod  
  GDM Music GDM 4123 Italy CD
  CAM AMP 26 Italy 45RPM
  CAM MAG 10.002 Italy LP
  Occhio Selvaggio, L'  
  CAM 493263-2 Italy CD
  CAM/Seven Seas HIT 1494 Japan 45RPM
  CAM AMP 27 Italy 45RPM
  RCA Victor LPM-4003 United States LP
  CAM SAG 9001 Italy LP
  King Records KICP-3207 Japan CD
  CAM CSE 049 Italy CD
  Beat Records BCM9564 Italy CD
  RCA Victor LSP4003 United States LP
  Seven Seas/King Records KICP 3207 Japan CD
1968   Caccia Ai Violenti  
  GDM Music 4162 Italy CD
  Colpo Di Stato  
  Beat Records BCM9565 Italy CD
  CAM SAG 9019 Italy LP
  Diario Segreto Di Una Minorenne, Il  
  Beat Records BCM9543 Italy CD
  CAM SAG 9024 Italy LP
  Seven Seas K20P-4149 Japan LP
  Killer Per Sua Maestà, Un  
  GDM Music 4164 Italy CD
  Magnífico Tony Carrera, El  
  EMI EPL 14.422 Spain EP
  Quartet Records QR-220 Spain CD
  CAM SAG 9011 Italy LP
  CAM AMP 59 Italy 45RPM
  Seven Seas PS-207 Japan EP
  Seven Seas K20P-4149 Japan LP
  Seven Seas/CAM HIT-1743 Japan 45RPM
  Ritorno Nel Sud  
  Det Records DTP 23 Italy 45RPM
1969   Juliette De Sade  
  Right Tempo/Easy Tempo ET 932 CD Italy CD
  Beat Records BCM 9508 Italy CD
  CAM 508951-2 Italy CD
  Sturm Der Feuervögel  
  CAM MAG 10.021 Italy LP
  Kronos Records KRONGOLD006 Malta CD
  Vigliacchi Non Pregano, I  
  GDM Music 2073 Italy CD
  CAM MAG 10.021 Italy LP
  Vita Segreta Di Una Diciottenne  
  Beat Records BCM9544 Italy CD
1970   Golpe De Mano (Explosión)  
  CAM SAG 9028 Italy LP
  GDM Music 4171 Italy CD
1971   Sole Nella Pelle, Il  
  Beat Records DDJ011 Italy CD
  RCA Records OLS 5 Italy LP
  RCA Victor MILS-4173 Mexico LP
  RCA Records RCA-5042 Japan LP
  RCA Victor SP-4054 Mexico 45RPM
  RCA Records LSO 10 363 Germany LP
  RCA Records SS-2226 Japan 45RPM
  RCA Victor MILS-4173 Mexico LP
  RCA Records BVCP-1043 Japan CD
  Zorro La Maschera Della Vendetta  
  GDM Music 4132 Italy CD
1972   Moonlight Guitar  
  Telefunken SLE 14 576-P Germany LP
1974   Milano: Il Clan Dei Calabresi  
  Beat Records DDJ002 Italy CD
  Nipoti Miei Diletti  
  Beat Records DDJ008 Italy CD
1977   Notti Porno Nel Mondo  
  RCA Italiana PL 31266 Italy LP
1978   Accadde Ad Ankara  
  RCA Records BB 6643 Italy 45RPM
  Disposta A Tutto  
  Aris AN 434 Italy 45RPM
  Aris ANL 4023 Italy LP
  Notti Porno Nel Mondo Nº 2, Le  
  Beat Records DDJ004 Italy CD
1979   Cicciolina Amore Mio  
  Beat Records DDJ028 Italy CD
  RCA Italiana PB 6323 Italy 45RPM
  RCA Records PL 31442 Greece LP
  Little America  
  RCA Records SP 10077 Italy LP
1982   Una Di Troppo  
  Durium DE 3202 Italy 45RPM
1983   Cara A Cara  
  RCA Records BL 31717 Italy LP
1985   Memorial Love Themes  
  Seven Seas K20P-4149 Japan LP
1993   Nel Continento Nero  
  Cinevox MDF 202 Italy CD
  Viaggio Nel Sud  
  RCA 12834 Italy CD
1997   Bistro Erotica Italia  
  BMG BM 640 Italy CD
2002   Cinecitta' Jazz In The Movies  
  iTunes No Number United States Other
  CAM CAMJ 7751-2 Italy CD
2014   Essentiel d'Ennio Morricone, L'  
  Emarcy/Universal Music 276 965 8 France CD
  Universal 376 713 8 France CD
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