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2 matches in titles (motion pictures, tv shows/series, video games and compilation albums):
1 matches in composers
  1. Mars Lasar

600 matches in tracks
  1. Ghosts Of Mars (03:42)
    from Ghosts Of Mars
  2. Ghosts Of Mars (03:42)
    from Ghosts Of Mars
  3. From Earth to Mars: A Symphonic Journey – 7. Mars and Beyond (06:50)
    from From Earth To Mars
  4. Invaders: Musique Concrete [Five Movements From Invaders From Mars] (34:27)
    from Invaders From Mars
    Invaders From Mars Collage by Christopher Young
  5. "Grim Grinning Ghosts" - Singing Busts (01:07)
    from Haunted Mansion, The
    *Not Featured in Film**Includes Music Not Featured in Film***Different Version Than in Film†Includes “Grim Grinning Ghosts”(Written by Xavier Atencio and Buddy Baker)
  6. Ghosts (04:02)
    from Napoléon
  7. Ghosts (01:50)
    from Doctor Who
  8. Ghosts (03:10)
    from Wuthering Heights
  9. Ghosts (01:50)
    from Doctor Who
  10. Ghosts (02:37)
    from Napoléon
  11. Ghosts (04:29)
    from Anonymous Rejected Filmscore
  12. Where the Ghosts Are (01:36)
    from Time Machine, The
  13. Ghosts (00:55)
    from Dances With Wolves
  14. Ghosts (02:49)
    from Borgia
  15. Ghosts (01:56)
    from Torchwood
  16. Ghosts (03:56)
    from Amargosa
  17. Ghosts (03:40)
    from Road To Perdition
  18. Believe In Ghosts (01:23)
    from Shot In The Heart
  19. Ghosts (01:51)
    from Dig, The
  20. Ghosts (01:21)
    from Requiem For A Dream
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