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A search for 'Lewis ' gave the following results:

11 matches in titles (motion pictures, tv shows/series, video games and compilation albums):
3 matches in labels:
  1. Anastasia (Atlantic Records PRCD 8312)
    2 Track single for "At the Beginning" by Richard Marx and Donna Lewis.
  2. Back To The Future (Chrysalis 42876)
    2 track single for "The Power of Love" by Huey Lewis and the News.
  3. Rio (Colosseum VSD (CVS) 7084.2)
    *= "Contains interpolations of the song Favo del Mel written by Sergio Mendes, John Powell and Mikael Mutti" (no D.Lewis credited here!)

23 matches in composers
  1. Sam Lewis
  2. Al Lewis
  3. Mel Lewis
  4. Terry Lewis
  5. Jerry Lee Lewis
  6. Jimmy Lewis
  7. Alice Lewis
  8. Richard Lewis
  9. Dominic Lewis
  10. Frederick Lewis
  11. Webster Lewis
  12. Jack Lewis
  13. Michael J. Lewis
  14. John Lewis
  15. Lewis Furey
  16. W. Michael Lewis
  17. Paul H. Lewis
  18. Brent Lewis
  19. Lewis E. Gensler
  20. Jenny Lewis
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1 matches in label numbers
  1. Lewis no number
    Ishi: The Last Of His Tribe

592 matches in tracks
    from Great Motion Picture Themes
    (Lewis) The Modern Jazz Quartet: Milt Jackson, vibes; John Lewis, piano; Percy Heath, bass; Connie Kay, drums (09 Oct 59)
  2. The Power Of Love (03:43)
    from Back To The Future
    Written by Huey Lewis and Chris Hayes - Performed and Produced by Huey Lewis and the News
  3. Back In Time (04:17)
    from Back To The Future
    Written by Huey Lewis and Chris Hayes - Performed and Produced by Huey Lewis and the News
  4. Square 1234 (02:49)
    from Gemma Bovery
    Interprété par Alice Lewis (Alice Lewis/Valérie Vivancos)
  5. Michelle Lewis - Nowhere And Everywhere (04:02)
    from Practical Magic
    (Michelle Lewis/Wayne Cohen)
  6. Woof! (03:19)
    from A To Z Of British TV Themes, The Vol.3
    Paul Lewis - Performed by The Paul Lewis Woof Band
  7. Lewis and Clark (In Search of Lewis and Clark) (03:11)
    from Documentary Collection, The
  8. Lewis (01:02)
    from Inspector Morse
  9. Mr. C.S. Lewis (01:42)
    from Shadowlands
  10. Jenny Lewis (02:19)
    from Primeval
  11. Poor Lewis (00:22)
    from Meteor Man, The
  12. Lewis And Anna (01:20)
    from Vantage Point
  13. Lewis and Morse (05:30)
    from Essential Inspector Morse Collection, The
  14. Death Of Lewis (03:46)
    from RoboCop 3
  15. Lewis Taken Hostage (02:30)
    from Lookout, The
  16. Lewis Saves The Boy * (01:49)
    from 55 Days At Peking
  17. Death of Lewis (05:10)
    from RoboCop 3
  18. Dr. Lewis Leakey (00:59)
    from Last Vikings, The
  19. Dr. Lewis Leakey (00:59)
    from Dr. Leakey And The Dawn Of Man
  20. Lewis Suite (05:58)
    from Lewis
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