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A search for 'Red Dog: True Blue' gave the following results:

8 matches in composers
  1. Red Symons
  2. Bob 'Mad Dog' McGuire
  3. The Blue Hawaiians
  4. Frankie Blue
  5. Blue Oyster Cult
  6. Victory Tischler-Blue
  7. Blue Man Group
  8. Blue Infernal Machine

11998 matches in tracks
  1. Red and blue (03:53)
    from Dragées Au Poivre
    (17-27 from "Red and Blue", 1967)
  2. True Blue (05:30)
    from Young Savages, The
  3. True Blue (05:30)
    from Young Savages, The
  4. A True Blue Fragment (03:26)
    from Rengô Kantai Shirei Chôkan: Yamamoto Isoroku
  5. True Blue Miracle (00:00)
    from Sesame Street
  6. True Blue (00:00)
    from Groupie Girl
    performed by: Salon Band
  7. Roses Red, Violets Blue (00:00)
    from Gay Purr-ee
  8. The Blue Door/Red Control (04:32)
    from Futureworld
  9. The Blue Door/Red Control (04:32)
    from Westworld
  10. Broken Up And Blue (03:46)
    from Monster's Ball
    Red Meat
  11. Red & Blue/Destruction Of Carillon (02:42)
    from Battlestar Galactica
  12. Roses Red, Violets Blue (00:00)
    from Gay Purr-ee
  13. Red And Blue - Purple And Orange (02:41)
    from Battlestar Galactica
  14. True Blue (Score) (06:20)
    from Newton Boys, The
    by Danny Barnes, Buell Neidlinger, Robert Bowlin, Ken Pickard & The Northwest Sinfonia
  15. Ken-L Ration Dog & Puppy Food - My Dog's Better than Your Dog (00:00)
    from TeeVee Toons: The Commercials
  16. Red-Blue (01:02)
    from Super Mario Galaxy 2
    Composed by Mahito Yokota
  17. Red is Blue (00:00)
    from Hoodwinked
    Performed by Ben Folds
  18. Red White and Blue / Operation Mirror (03:13)
    from Mission: Impossible - The Television Scores
  19. Roses Red, Violets Blue (02:02)
    from Gay Purr-ee
    Judy Garland
  20. Theme From Mission: Impossible (04:35)
    from Mission: Impossible
    Cut The Red Not The Blue
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