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A search for 'Rio Lobo' gave the following results:

1 matches in titles (motion pictures, tv shows/series, video games and compilation albums):
2 matches in composers
  1. Rio Hamamoto
  2. Kaelo del Río

920 matches in tracks
  1. RIO LOBO: Main Title (02:47)
    from Jerry Goldsmith Collection, The - Volume 1: Rarities
  2. RIO LOBO Main Title (02:15)
    from Rio Lobo
  3. On to Rio Lobo (alt. end) (00:38)
    from Rio Lobo
    Stereo Tracks:
  4. RIO LOBO (Main Title) (05:12)
    from Best Of The West
    Jerry Goldsmith
  5. RIO LOBO End Title (03:05)
    from Rio Lobo
    Source Cues:
  6. El lobo (01:05)
    from Tu Qué Harias Por Amor
  7. El lobo (01:05)
    from Maestrale
  8. Meet Lobo* (03:44)
    from Young Justice
  9. Lobo Lounge (04:22)
    from Mean Season, The
  10. FLYING DOWN TO RIO: Orchids in the Moonlight / Music Makes Me / Flying Down To Rio / The Carioca (06:14)
    from Top Hat: Music From Films Of Astaire And Rodgers
    by Vincent Youmans
  11. El Lobo's Band (00:00)
    from Adventurers, The
  12. Lobo Lounge Alternate (04:18)
    from Mean Season, The
  13. 13. El Lobo (01:37)
    from Lone Gunmen, The
  14. 13. El Lobo (01:37)
    from Harsh Realm
  15. Tango del Rio (00:00)
    from Wonder Bar
    Danced by Richardo Cortez and Dolores del Rio
  16. Tango del Rio (00:00)
    from Go Into Your Dance
    Danced by Richardo Cortez and Dolores del Rio
  17. Fandango nights (04:20)
    from Fuochi D'artificio
    Willie & Lobo
  18. El Lobo's Band (00:00)
    from Adventurers, The
  19. Sulle tracce di Lobo (02:17)
    from Treno Per Durango, Un
  20. El Lobo's March (03:47)
    from Adventurers, The
    Arranged by J.J. Johnson
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