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A search for 'SOCOM 3: U.S. Navy SEALs' gave the following results:

3 matches in titles (motion pictures, tv shows/series, video games and compilation albums):
74 matches in tracks
  1. Theme from SOCOM 4 (04:38)
    from SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs
  2. SEALS Take Off (02:34)
    from Zero Dark Thirty
  3. Seals on the Ice (02:15)
    from Encounters At The End Of The World
  4. The Seals (00:45)
    from Song Of The Sea
  5. Trained Seals (01:55)
    from Fierce Creatures
  6. Summons and Seals (04:58)
    from Bittere Kruid, Het
  7. Trained Seals (01:55)
    from Fierce Creatures
  8. Weddell Seals (03:25)
    from Seven Worlds, One Planet
  9. Diving SEALS (01:02)
    from Rescue, The
  10. Seals Inbound (00:23)
    from Captain Phillips
  11. Trained Seals (01:55)
    from Fierce Creatures
  12. Sea Otters and Harbor Seals (01:56)
    from Wild - Icy Killers: Secrets Of Alaska's Salmon Shark
  13. The Macedonia Takes the Seals (03:41)
    from Sea Wolf
  14. Keepers of the Keys and Seals (02:04)
    from If Beale Street Could Talk
  15. Keepers of the Keys and Seals (02:04)
    from If Beale Street Could Talk
  16. MIRV Recovery/SEALs Return (02:03)
    from Abyss, The
  17. Paradise (02:44)
    from Dinosaur
    Performed by Virgil Seals
  18. Otters, Seals and Humpbacks (Icy Killers) (03:46)
    from Documentary Collection, The
  19. Summer Breeze (00:00)
    from Dazed And Confused
    Seals & Crofts
  20. It's All Up to You (from James at 15) (00:00)
    from Television's Greatest Hits Vol. VI - Remote Control
    Dan Seals, John Ford Coley
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