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  1. Shock And Awe Main Title (02:25)
    from Shock And Awe
  2. Shock And Awe End Credits (02:50)
    from Shock And Awe
  3. Sinister Organ/Danger Bridge/Explorer Gut Shock/Low Brooding With Shock (02:26)
    from Jonny Quest
  4. The Shock (04:07)
    from B-Movie Archives
    (Centofanti-Pennisi-Cappa-Guarini-Martino) Goblin (as Libra) from SHOCK (1977)
  5. Disappearing Awe (00:00)
    from Guinevere
  6. Outback Awe (01:22)
    from Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert, The
  7. Choral Awe (00:39)
    from War And Terror
  8. Rock And Awe (04:40)
    from Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3
  9. Death Is The Road To Awe (08:25)
    from Fountain, The
  10. In Awe Of The Power ~ Battle With The Colossus ~ (02:12)
    from Wanda To Kyoz˘
  11. Shock (04:07)
    from Cinevox - The History Of Soundtrack
    from "Shock" by Libra
  12. Shock (04:07)
    from Profondo Rosso
    from "Shock" by Libra
  13. Shock (04:07)
    from Terrore Nello Spazio
    from "Shock" by Libra
  14. Shock (04:07)
    from Sette Note In Nero
    from "Shock" by Libra
  15. Shock (04:07)
    from Maldiciˇn De Los Karnstein, La
    from "Shock" by Libra
  16. Shock (04:07)
    from Phenomena
    from "Shock" by Libra
  17. Shock (04:07)
    from Notte Dei Diavoli, La
    from "Shock" by Libra
  18. Shock (04:07)
    from Schock
    from "Shock" by Libra
  19. Shock (04:07)
    from Trauma
    from "Shock" by Libra
  20. Shock (04:07)
    from A Cena Col Vampiro
    from "Shock" by Libra
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