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A search for 'The Great Buck Howard' gave the following results:

1 matches in titles (motion pictures, tv shows/series, video games and compilation albums):
27 matches in composers
  1. The Great Outdoors
  2. Buck Ram
  3. Buck Sanders
  4. Howard K.
  5. Howard Fredrics
  6. Howard Grienfield
  7. Sylvia Howard
  8. Howard Drossin
  9. Howard Kaylan
  10. Jeffrey Howard
  11. Joseph A. Howard
  12. J. Scott Howard
  13. Trevor Howard
  14. Howard Greenfield
  15. Timothy Howard
  16. Howard Johnson
  17. Howard Dietz
  18. Howard J. Davidson
  19. Howard Shore
  20. Ken Howard
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5982 matches in tracks
  1. The Great Buck Howard (00:37)
    from Great Buck Howard, The
  2. Buck Howard Arrives (00:39)
    from Great Buck Howard, The
  3. The Great American Nightmare (00:00)
    from Private Parts
    Rob Zombie with Howard Stern
  4. Buck Fights the Wolves / Buck Hears the Call (02:30)
    from Call Of The Wild
  5. Shine (02:49)
    from Hollywood Swing & Jazz
    From CABIN IN THE SKY (MGM, 1943) -- Buck & Bubbles (Ford Buck & John W. Bubbles) & The Hall Johnson Choir
  6. Starbuck Buck Buck (01:49)
    from Battlestar Galactica
  7. The Egg (03:51)
    from 1776
    Sung by Howard da Silva, William Daniels, Ken Howard
  8. But, Mr. Adams (05:54)
    from 1776
    Sung by William Daniels, Howard da Silva, Ken Howard, Rex Robbins, John Muhers
  9. Howard The Duck - Beddy-Bye For Howard (02:41)
    from Black Hole, The
  10. Howard The Duck - Beddy-Bye For Howard (02:41)
    from Howard The Duck
  11. Howard The Duck - Beddy-Bye For Howard (02:41)
    from Starcrash
  12. Howard The Duck - Beddy-Bye For Howard (02:41)
    from You Only Live Twice
  13. Howard The Duck - Beddy-Bye For Howard (02:41)
    from Moonraker
  14. Suite (from Flash Gordon) (05:01)
    from Best Of Science Fiction
    Queen, Howard Blake - arranger: Howard Blake
  15. james newton howard - Suite From "One Fine Day" (08:54)
    from One Fine Day
    written by James Newton Howard
  16. Seeking and Finding; The Soul of the Great White (03:18)
    from Tribute To Jacques Cousteau, A
    from ''The Great White Shark: Lonely Lord of the Sea''
  17. A Great Swordsman, A Great Lover (02:41)
    from Adventures Of Casanova
  18. High Adventure (Demo) (04:21)
    from Aladdin
    Music by Alan Menken, Lyrics by Howard Ashman, Performed by Alan Menken & Howard Ashman
  19. It's A Great Feeling (Main Title) (01:26)
    from Doris Day - It's Magic Her Early Years At Warner Bros.
    Track 13-16: It's A Great Feeling (1949)
  20. It's A Great Feeling (Main Title) (01:26)
    from Romance On The High Seas
    Track 13-16: It's A Great Feeling (1949)
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