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A search for 'Three Identical Strangers' gave the following results:

342 matches in tracks
  1. Identical Ageras (02:02)
    from Need For Speed
  2. Identical Ageras (02:02)
    from Need For Speed
  3. Race For The Wire (00:00)
    from Race For The Wire
    both sides of LP identical in content
  4. No Way Out (03:55)
    from No Way Out
    (Identical track on both sides) performed by Julia Migenes & Paul Anka
  5. The First Time (03:43)
    from Million Dollar Hotel, The
    U2 (Identical to Version Found on U2's "Zooropa" Album)
  6. Strangers in the Night (00:00)
    from Man Could Get Killed, A
    from album: Strangers in the Night
  7. The theme from "Avanti" (02:43)
    from Avanti!
    Un' ora sola ti vorrei (P. Marchetti/U.Bertini) conducted by Gianfranco Plenizio. Both sides are identical. Label reads: Promotional copy not for sale
  8. There Are No Strangers (02:17)
    from American Folk
  9. Strangers (01:22)
    from Yonkers Joe
  10. Two Strangers (01:32)
    from Brimstone
  11. Two Strangers (00:00)
    from Brimstone
  12. Perfect Strangers (00:00)
    from TV Themes America
  13. Fremde / Strangers (02:14)
    from Peer Raben
  14. Pavilion Of Strangers (03:17)
    from Nakumonka
  15. Strangers When We Meet (04:58)
    from Buddha Of Suburbia, The
  16. Unwelcome Strangers (02:12)
    from Dragonball Evolution
  17. Between Strangers Farewell (03:30)
    from Between Strangers
  18. Two Romantic Strangers (00:00)
    from Moon-Spinners, The
  19. Unwelcome Strangers (02:12)
    from Dragonball Evolution
  20. Strangers In The Day (02:01)
    from Down By Law
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