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A search for 'Liar Liar' gave the following results:

10 matches in titles (motion pictures, tv shows/series, video games and compilation albums):
  • Liar Liar (1997)
    John Debney, James Newton Howard (theme)
  • Liar, Liar (1993)
    Fred Mollin
    tv movie
  • Billy Liar (1963)
    Richard Rodney Bennett
  • Jakob the Liar (1998)
    Edward Shearmur
  • Adorable Liar (1962)
    Original Title: Adorable Menteuse
    Jean Dalve
  • Thief And The Liar, The (1994)
    Original Title: Voleur Et La Menteuse, Le
    Francis Lai
  • Liar (1997)
    Original Title: Deceiver
    Harry Gregson-Williams, Steve Jablonsky (additional music), Henning Lohner (source cue; uncredited)
  • Tales Of A Liar (0)
    Original Title: Terug Naar Oosterdonk
    Wim de Wilde
    English title
  • Liar, The (0)
    Original Title: Lügner, Der
    Siegfried Franz
    International: English title
  • Four-Faced Liar, The (2010)
    Jane Antonia Cornish