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Paradise, The (2012)

Television Show/Movie/Series Composer(s):
Maurizio Malagnini

Released in:

Great Britain

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Silva Screen Records SILCD 1429

Silva Screen Records SILCD 1429  

Great Britain 
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  Track listing

1.  The Paradise Lovebirds (00:32)
2.  The Portrait (02:24)
3.  Children Arrive at the Paradise (02:11)
4.  Impossible Love (01:32)
5.  I Will Ruin You (01:18)
6.  Reception Waltzer (01:27)
7.  Opening the Doors (01:56)
8.  We Will Never Know (03:41)
9.  Denise Is Entering the Paradise (00:52)
10.  Shopgirls (01:56)
11.  Trailer and End Credits (00:52)
12.  I Have Married the Wrong Man (03:42)
13.  Sam Is Innocent (02:07)
14.  Miss Paradise Pink (00:28)
15.  Pauline's Theme (00:59)
16.  Miss Audrey and Ladieswear (03:11)
17.  Perfume from Morocco (02:03)
18.  Sam Could Lose Everything (01:25)
19.  Audrey and the Baby (02:44)
20.  Denise and Moray (01:54)
21.  Lord Glendenning Owns Everything (02:35)
22.  Miss Audrey Is Unwell (01:12)
23.  The Dark Lake and Jonas (02:43)
24.  Katherine and Moray (02:34)
25.  The Wedding Veil (01:48)
26.  You Are Mine (02:01)
27.  The Hope for Love (01:50)
28.  Denise and Moray are falling in Love (01:54)
29.  The Final Kiss (02:44)

Total Duration: 00:56:35
Track listing contributed by Ivan Sorokin

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